Sunday, May 24, 2009

Guess Who???

Yep, me. I reckon I've just been a bit of a lazy bitch lately and have failed miserably in my blogging duties. A few things to mention - we headed off to Cork with the ladies choir on the May Bank Holiday Weekend, where we managed to WIN the National Premier Ladies competition. Much jubilation of menopausal women (eh, not me... some of us are still under 40 in the choir - but not all that many!!!) and we were on a serious high which still hasn't worn off - just like that feckin' Cantate Domino which was whirling around my head driving me bloody bonkers for a week afterwards!

Then we headed off to la belle France for our week's holiday. The place was gorgeous but the weather was sheer unadulterated shite. Not only did it rain, it thundered and we had mental winds to boot. Can highly recommend the resort though. If it was sunny, Tregastel would have been sheer heaven. The accom was great - a minute's stroll from the beach which had enough little restaurants & cafes to keep us occupied during our stay. Down of the holiday (apart from the weather) was my encounter with a metal barrier in a petrol station. My poor bumper took a hiding which hopefully won't cost the earth to fix. Diet went to shite as well - imagine living in France without bread - not a hope in hell of that happening, so I just went with the flow and enjoyed it.

The ferry on the way home was rank. The waves were mahoosive and it was so rough that even the hardened truckers took themselves off to lie down rather than sink umpteen pints in the bar. We had taken our trusty Nautamine (French version of Dramamine) as we always do, given my penchant to get seasick walking over a puddle. This time it was NO FUN AT ALL. Hubs was freaking out, I was snapping the nose off him for being a headwreck, while realising that the tablets weren't working & I was in danger of heaving ho myself! Another double dose of drugs soon got things under control and I lay flat in the cabin blissed out watching the Eurovision and snorting at Graham Norton's sarky commentary. Eventually made it home on Sunday lunchtime last week & I was still reeling from the boat - the house kept moving!
Work was mintal on the Monday - the girls were delighted to see me back as they were stuck doing some of my stuff (god love them...). Ended up getting food poisoning from a dodgy roll in one of the local petrol stations. I don't heave, but it was like a scene from The Exorcist that night. I didn't know which end was up - didn't really get shut of it until Friday.