Sunday, September 27, 2015

Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

We've been looking after the little fluffy dog for the past week and it's been great fun - she definitely owns the house and we're just the lodgers.  We even had visitors today who just came to see her for cuddles.  Nice to know your place in the pecking order...  You can't have guests and not offer them a few biscuits or a slice of cake so I decided to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies, completely forgetting that one of the visitors isn't a chocolate lover.  Whoops.  It all turned out ok - Kate actually likes a little bit of chocolate and there were just enough chocolate chips in the cookies to make her happy.  And she went home with a bag of cookie dough so she could bake some whenever she wants - a bit of a successful day for everybody.  Especially the dog, who pounced on the cookie crumbs.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

*WINNER* of a Renshaw Baking Hamper

And we have a winner - chosen by Lucy.  Congratulations to Jacinta Geraghty who is the winner of the Renshaw Hamper!

This week, I've mostly been eating cake. Well, it was my birthday and my friends and family really went to town - chocolate ganache layer cake, raspberry brownie cheesecake and chocolate lime tarts. I was well and truly spoiled, let me tell you. Now it's my turn to give one of you a little gift. The baking experts at Renshaw have given me a hamper stuffed full of their fabulous baking products and you could be the one to get your bake on.

Win Me!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Vote Babaduck!

After a very long day in the office last week, I got a lovely little email to cheer me up - this old blog of mine has been shortlisted in the Food & Drink category of the Blog Awards Ireland 2015. Public voting is open right now - just click here and VOTE BABADUCK!  Thanks a million in advance - did I tell you that you're looking lovely today?  If you're new to Babaduck and want to know a little bit more about why I do what I do, this is a pretty good story about how it all began.