Monday, August 18, 2014

Asian Minced Pork

Last weekend, Lulu and the fluffy dog were down on their holidays.  After much moaning from Lady Muck (Lulu) in the back to her chauffeur (me) about how long we were taking to get there, the small talk turned to thoughts of food.  I had already planned Friday night's dinner which was burgers and Italian Potato Nuggets (fried gnocchi to you and I, but if I mention the "G" word to Lady Muck, her perfect little nose would be turned up).  Saturday evening's dinner was still to be finalised so when I mentioned Chinese, she was very excited.  When I told her it was the nice stuff that her mum gets in the restaurant with all the lettuce to make a wrap, she smiled.  But then insisted that she would only eat noodles and not rice.  No way.  Oh, and a box of milk lolly icepops would be just the thing for a pre-dinner snack.  Pester power ruled the roost, let me tell you.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

CLOSED : Win Knorr Flavour Pot Hamper

I often write about the short cuts I take when creating recipes and cooking meals because I believe that anything you do to make your life easier and stops you reaching for a takeaway menu is great.  I've been using Knorr Stock Pots and their Touch of Taste liquid stock for years and I absolutely love them.  Now Knorr have expanded my options with their new range of Flavour Pots.  These are such a handy way to liven up everyday meals and I've been playing with a set of them over the past few weeks.  Now it's your turn because I'm giving away FIVE Knorr Flavour Pot hampers.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Book Review : Aegean Flavours

Next month, myself and The Hubs are off on a holiday to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.  A whole decade - I know, I can't quite believe it myself. We're actually going on a cruise and made sure that it went to places that neither of us had ever been before.  So we're off to Italy, Greece, Turkey and Croatia. Actually, The Hubs has been to Turkey before : with the lads some 16 years ago but that was spent on Bar Street eating dodgy food and drinking even dodgier food, so this is going to be a whole new world for him!.