Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My January Roundup

The days are getting longer, second by precious second, and the festive season is but a distant memory (apart from the "thunk" of the credit card bill hitting the mat).  I've quite a few things to tell you about that are happening right now, so pull up a chair.

Deconstructed Afternoon Tea at the Fitzwilliam Hotel

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Courgette & Lemon Linguine - Low FODMAP

This recipe takes no time at all to make and yet produces a vibrant, healthy dish that tastes fantastic. The use of gluten-free pasta means it's kind to your digestion – important if you are struggling with the complexity that food intolerance brings to your diet - and the combination of heat from the chillies and zing of the lemon gives you a perfect flavour combination. Find out more about food intolerance symptoms as they vary and it's wise to know which food affects you and how.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Calling All Food & Drink Producers : Great Taste 2014

We all know about the X Factor and The Voice (the UK one, not the Voice of Direland as that's just brutal) where people enter to win and be lauded throughout the land. Did you know that the food and drink world has a similar competition? Well pull up a chair and allow me to tell you all about it. You may be familiar with a little black and gold sticker on some of the products that you buy in your local shop, deli or supermarket. It's actually a Great Taste sticker, awarded to food and drink producers who are quite literally the best of the best. And reader, last year I was one of the judges.  I'd like to think I was a cross between Gary Barlow & Cheryl Cole : keeping it real but being honest too.  Stop laughing and keep reading...

It could be you

Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Favourite Kitchen Gadgets

Recently somebody asked me what I would save if the house was on fire. I thought about it for a minute and figured I’d go room by room. I’d go for passports, jewellery and photos in our bedroom, our wedding DVD in the sitting room (The Hubs would probably try to save his previous music collection instead) and as for the kitchen, I’d be in a bit of a quandary as I’ve so many things I’ve collected over the years. The two that stand out to me though, are the two items I use the most – my food mixer and my food processor. Having a dodgy back means I find it harder to manually knead dough or grate vegetables by hand, so owning these two gadgets makes my life much easier.  

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We Are Saving (for a Rainy Day)

We are saving, we are saving - sing along there. It’s something we all promise we’re going to do and then we forget and spend the money on something else. Over the years, I’ve managed to get into the habit of saving a small amount regularly so I have an emergency fund and it gets raided regularly despite my best intentions. Last year there was the curious case of the leaking immersion, the day that Hubs impaled the car on a giant gate and the garden gate disintegrating. It’s all about the money. Last month, I saw an article online about an American lady who decided to save, a dollar at a time, to create a little nest egg and I was hooked.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

ItalianFoodie's Big Boobstravaganza

A what of a what?  Let me explain this to you.  ItalianFoodie is the alter ego of my friend Lorraine Fanneran.  Joint owner of the delectable La Cucina in Castletroy, Limerick with the equally delectable Bruno Coppola, they have a fantastic restaurant, a brilliant pasta sauce range called Real Italian Foodies and are parents to the most photogenic girlies I know, Miss Alessia (#MiniIF) and Miss Sofia (#BabyIF).  Sickening, wha'?