Monday, January 7, 2019

I'm Still Saving For A Rainy Day

I know, long time no speak.  Please accept my apologies for the radio silence -  it's been a little bit busy in work and at home so Babaduck got sidetracked for a lot longer than planned.  The very lovely Cherry Sue kindly told her Bargain Hunting Mums on the Run group about my savings plan & I figured out it was time to start writing again.

One of the few good habits I've acquired over the years is to save a few bob for a rainy day.  Something always breaks down, radiators leak (today's drama) or there's a fancy holiday on the horizon... Something we've done at home for the past 5 years is gradual saving - we start with €1 on week 1 of the year and increase it by a euro every week.  And if you stick to the plan, you end up with over €1,370 on New Year's Eve!!!

If the thought of shelling out €50 in December scares you silly, just pre-pay it during the year if you have a bit of spare cash, or you can even do it in reverse if that suits you better.

2018's money is now locked away safe to use as our spending money for this year's fancy holiday to Florida.  What will you do with yours?