Sunday, July 12, 2009

What A Hair-Brained Excuse...

I logged onto the Sunday Independent online this morning and one of the cover stories which caught my eye was this -

My oh my, that super-inflated ego on a midlife crisis bike Mr. David Marshall (hairdresser to the stars, dontcha know) is a right piece of work. He drank, got on his penis-replacement Harley and made the conscious and utterly moronic decision to drive home from the golf club and whinged bitterly about losing his licence and receiving a hefty fine.

To demonstrate the sheer arrogance of the man, read on...

"I was shocked that I was over the limit," he says now. "I said to the guard there was no way I could be over the limit."
But the hairdresser, who has cut the likes of
Bono's hair in the past, was convicted and banned for four years under the drink-driving laws.
"I had a few pints of Guinness after I played a round of golf at the Royal
Dublin," he says.
"I played a few games of snooker and I won at the snooker, and I normally wouldn't go to the bar," he says. "It was Christmas time, festive season, and I had two pints of Guinness and a glass of Guinness. What's the big deal?
"There's no justice in this land," he added. "No justice at all in Ireland. Where's the justice?

Justice eh. Not only did he lose his licence this week, but the overbearing prat already had a drink-driving conviction from the early 90's. How many convictions does this man, who clearly knows better than the rest of us, require before he realises that you just cannot drink and drive. I've no doubt that he had enough money to pay for a taxi, or even, heaven forbid, get public transport home.

He's a moron who got caught royally and has the cheek to bleat pitifully to a journalist about how everybody else was wrong, and sure there was no harm intended.

I wonder what he would be saying had he run over somebody and killed them as a result of his total disregard for the laws. Sure it would probably be all their fault for being on the road and not getting out of his drunken, weaving, incapable way.