Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vote Babaduck (as featured in the Irish Times)

Well, I'm well and truly on the campaign trail for votes in the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging 2013 Awards.  You see, I've been shortlisted in the Food category and to get me to the final, I need votes, and lots of them. This is where you, my treasured readers come in.  I know time is precious and we all have a million things to do, but would you mind taking just 30 seconds to cast a vote for me in Section 4?  And can I be even cheekier and get you to ask your friends, family and even your workmates?  The more votes I get, the better my chance is of being a finalist.

I was thrilled beyond belief when I opened the Irish Times Weekend Magazine yesterday and saw a gorgeous article by Marie Claire Digby in Food File about me. And being shortlisted.  And the day job. And a picture of one of of my cakey love creations!

So, I know you want to know how you cast a vote for me.  It's actually really easy. Just click on this link and you'll come to the page above.  Fill in your name, your email and tick the box beside my name in Section 4.  Then scroll down to the bottom and click the "done" button.

Sandie has joined the election campaign and has created this special poster all by herself.  She's a very intelligent dog you know.  Well, she can smell food being cooked or the rattle of a lead at 500 yards...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Babaduck shortlisted for a BiB 2013 Award

You might have noticed a new shiny badge over on the right hand side there.  See it... yes, just there.  That lovely badge means that me, Miss Babaduck, has been shortlisted for a BritMums Brilliance in Blogging 2013 Award.  I know!  I'm in very fine company indeed in my category which is, of course Food.  You'd hardly put me anywhere else... apart from Waffling Too Much and there isn't a category for that.  Yet.

So, now that I've calmed down from my initial shriekfit last night when I heard the news, I'm asking you all for a huge favour.  Would you mind clicking on this link and giving me a vote please?  I'd really appreciate it.  Feel free to spread the word and gently encourage friends and family to do the same.  I promise many more photos of Sandie the WonderDog by way of thanks...


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Review : Paris Bakery, Dublin 1

It was the first day of Spring.  The sun was shining, coats had been left in the car and we were wearing sunglasses.  The main purpose of our trip into town (which is what us suburbanites call the city of Dublin) was to bring my godniece Lulu shopping for various Holy Communion fripperies.  She's the image of her mother, allergic to getting up when she should be having a lie on and when I first mentioned collecting her at 10.30 on Saturday morning, I was told "listen, I'm only starting to have my breakfast then".  Breakfast, eh?  How about we have our breakfast in town?  She soon changed her tune and told me to be there on time or else.  I actually rang the doorbell 10 minutes early to discover that the hair had to be tamed into a style suitable for trying on veils (the one thing she really wanted) and Sandie the Wonderdog thought I was calling for her.  Much drama ensued when said dog hopped into the back of my car and refused to leave.  I had to physically carry her back into the house and she sulked for hours.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Savage Lime and Coconut Cake

You know my little brother is pleased with something when he pronounces it "savage".  Usually one would apply this word to something wild or untamed.  Not him.  It's the height of praise as far as he's concerned and another one of his pronouncements of approval is "the finest".  Let me tell you that this cake was called both savage and the finest today by Little Brother.  I am practically fainting away with the shock here.  Anyway, back to the cake.  I have been told by my Little Sis (who is also sister to Little Brother and Mammy to Lulu and Sandie the WonderDog) that this is possibly the perfect cake as it's simple and unadorned and just tastes amazing.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chicken, Chorizo & Chicory Casserole

Chicken and chorizo seem to be natural partners in crime : the chicken soaks up the paprika oils of the Spanish chorizo which also gives the relatively bland meat a welcome note of saltiness.  But I know most of you are thinking - chicory : are you mad?  Actually I'm a lover of this cone shaped leafy vegetable, called Belgian endive in some countries, and it's really delicate and delicious when it's cooked slowly.  It makes a great gratin and also works beautifully with ham in a quiche filling.  My casserole started with a package of free range chicken legs from Bertram Salter who owns Carlow Foods.  They produce possibly one of the best tasting Irish chickens I've ever tasted, and if you're lucky, you can sometimes find four of their chicken legs for €4 which is a complete and utter steal.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Homemade Mushroom Soup

Everybody loves a bargain, especially me - it's how I justify spending money sometimes both to myself and The Hubs "but it was cheap and I saved a fortune". Sometimes I'm fooling myself but yesterday I struck a real deal - punnets of white mushrooms for an unbelievable 29c (about 22p) each.  The weather may be dry but it's still unseasonally cold so I reckoned the best way to use the mushrooms was by making a giant pot of soup.  All that chopping of 'shrooms can take quite a bit of time so I cheated.  I wiped them, trimmed the stems and threw them into my food processor.  A few pulses and the shiny sharp blade reduced them to teeny tiny pieces in seconds.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Kids - Sow & Grow with innocent and GIY

Kids (and parents), let me tell you about something really great that you can do this Spring.  The innocent and GIY "Sow and Grow" campaign is back again to get you all sowing and growing around the country in classrooms and youth groups.  The project aims to get over 25,000 children sowing and growing through a free and fun learning experience what will show them just how easy it is to grow their own greens and eat them.
Right now, your teachers and youth group leaders can apply for one of 850 free sow & grow packs HERE.  Each pack includes 30 growing pots, seeds, soil, lesson plans and growing guides which will keep you all busy and learning about the benefits of planting seeds which will grow and turn into a delicious edible plant.