Monday, September 29, 2008

You Know You're Getting Old When...

You start listening to The Archers and all the old radio shows. Last year, I listened to an episode or two and before I knew it, I was hooked. Rather than listen to the daily 10 minute episode which means I have to have access to BBC Radio 4, I download the weekly compliation and either transfer it to my mobile to listen to in the car, or hoard them for my MP3 player for holidays. It's amazing how quickly you get caught up in the happenings of Ambridge and its residents. When I was over with my cousin in London a few months ago, I discovered that herself and the lovely fiance are both Archers fans too - so I'm not the only weirdo in the family.

If I'm in the car on a trip during the week, I stick on the Afternoon Play - the time absolutely flies by and there have been times when I've sat in the car waiting for it to end because it has been so good. Hubs, of course, would much rather flick, flick, flick through all the stations which results in the driver claiming ownership of the stereo (that would be me!). If we head up the North at the weekend, then the Jonathan Ross Show on BBC Radio 2 is the show of choice because he's so flippin' funny and the music is great.

Mind you, I still couldn't be paid enough to listen to RTE Radio 1 because most of the presenters (except Tubridy) drive me demented . It's a pity that my DAB radio doesn't work on the digital bands because RTE's catchment area only really covers Dublin & the North East... sooner they get this sorted the better!!

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