Saturday, January 24, 2009

Giddy Up!

I've been keeping a low profile of late - work has been mad busy and I've been a little bit sick, so wasn't really in the humour to do extra-curricular typing or thinking!!! Hopefully everything has settled down now so I'll have a little bit more time to pootle around doing very little... seeing as it's close to midday & I'm still in my jammies and just finished my breakfast, I might be on the right road.

Ended up in Caredoc last weekend and in this era of cutting back and taking a pay hit, the good people in Caredoc have raised their prices by 20%! Mind you, it's sometimes worth the hit to be seen by appointment and relatively on time, unlike my local GP where I've had to wait up to 90 minutes. The day after I went to the doc, my shoulder went (long-term problem) so I was rattling with drugs... enough whinging already!

I was at the races on Thursday - work sponsors an event every year & this was our final year, and indeed, the best. Everybody has a ball - they are ferried to & from the racecourse by coach, they have a gorgeous meal, loads of booze and spend/lost a few bob on the horsies. Except for me. I stand at the desk with a list in my hand and a lot of swearwords in my head for all the ignorant gits who fail to show and don't have the manners to tell me, miss the lovely dinner because I'm running around like a headless chicken trying to stop gatecrashers into the room and make sure everybody else is happy. It's the best workout I know - the room is on the 2nd floor and the lift is never there when you want it, so I reckon I do about 6 step aerobics classes during the course of the day. My poor legs are still in bits!

To make it worse, I had 4 great tips which would have brought me over €150 in winnings, but was too busy to get near to the tote or a bookies... grrr! On the upside though, I did get to present the winners trophy which was an utterly unexpected treat. My male colleagues (who have a death wish) were overheard commenting on the collection of big jugs on the platform and duly received a few well-placed slaps to the back of the head for their cheek. And because I was sober, I clattered them again yesterday when their poor wee heads were a touch delicate!
Right-ho, time to get dressed and venture out into the daylight

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