Sunday, March 29, 2009

You've Been Angoosed

Many years ago, I made a promise to my metal-loving Hubs that if AC/DC ever played in Dublin that I would go with him to the concert. Naturally I thought this would never ever ever happen and that I was safe for all eternity. Wrong! They announced the Black Ice tour, including a date in the O2 and the excitement in our house was palpable. Actually AC/DC are the best of a hairy noisy bunch and to keep the lads happy, we actually had a metal half hour at our wedding - the photos of Hubs playing (very lame) air guitar are just hysterical and I have a faint memory of bouncing around the dancefloor to Since You've Been Gone by Journey which is one of my fave tracks.

Anyhoo, couldn't get O2 tix, even using the presale code and the poor man was heartbroken, so we decided to have a look at other venues. The only one that suited was Milan in March as it was a Saturday night show & feck-all time off work was required. So, many euros and a bit of careful planning later, we ended up in Milan last weekend. A nice half price deal gave us a very swanky Executive room in the Hilton and we were all set. There was one wee hiccup though. The final match of the Six Nations to be precise, which was kicking off at 18.30 and finishing at 20.15. The concert was starting at 20.00 in a place called Assago, 25 mins cab from the centre of Milan/any Irish bar/TV. Some serious googling produced a hotel beside the stadium who promised that we could watch the match in the bar... phew! So we landed at the hotel 2 mins before kickoff (10 minute taxi trip MY ARSE!) and ran into the bar... no TV. The barman claimed complete ignorance and I nearly cracked up. After some emergency negotiation in Engtalian, the TV appeared, the match was on and all was well with the world. The last 5 mins were just horrific - posh hotel bar, no other supporters so unable to do my usual howls of gentle encouragement at the telly. On an utter high, we strolled off to the temple of noise and it was the most disorganised concert I've ever been to in my life.

No signage, no stewards, free seating in a seated stadium and hordes of black clad teenagers wearing flashing AC/DC devil horns. I stuck out like a sore thumb - makeup, clean hair, jewellery and a handbag will do that for you!!! Eventually we got seats up high at the side of the stage and had a great time - the big screen was right beside us and the bar selling beer was a 5 second walk away... what's not to love? Oh, Angus Young doing a strip... never to be witnessed on a full stomach. I've seen more meat on a chicken bone. Some men definitely look better with their clothes on, and he is no exception. The concert was absolutely brilliant and I knew 90% of the songs, which was an added bonus.

Getting back to the hotel was a right bit of craic - there was meant to be a shuttle bus to the nearest Metro station... the invisible bus! Shiteloads of people all trying to get taxis, of which there were feck all. Eventually started walking down the dual carriageway towards the city - gang of big Canadian lads in front of me with the same aim. I spotted a light in the distance, legged it in front of them & flagged down the cab. They were not best pleased but I pointed out that I was a girl, it was freezing & I was liable to snot all over them if they didn't let me take it. Small scary Irish girl -v- 4 very tall lads... I win, every time. Hubs did his usual "don't know her, never seen her before" act and kept quiet. RESULT!!!

Milan was lovely, but very very expensive - and comign from Dublin, I'm well used to paying over the odds for everything - €8 for a beer! That Hilton upgrade came in very handy as we got lounge access which meant free booze after 6pm. They don't expect you to have more than 1 or 2 drinks, but hell we're Irish and we were celebrating. Based on the bar prices, we managed to sink about €150 worth of free booze & food - and I was fresh as a daisy the next morning. Lovely.

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