Saturday, December 26, 2009

Weird and Wonderful Happenings

I've been a right lazy beast of late in the old blogging department. Not long after my last post, we got some really bad news in work... basically we went bust with a little help from our good friends in a non-NAMA bank and all the hard work my bosses had put in over the past 15 years went up in smoke. It was a horrible few weeks and the end result was that all but 2 people lost their jobs. I was the lucky person to be kept on (there are some days though I wish they had let me go because disorganisation and lack of information seems to be the name of the game...) and it looks as if I'll be there for the foreseeable future which is a massive relief financially.
It is very disconcerting to show up every morning to an empty office and literally see nobody from 9am to 5pm except the post man. There used to be about 10 of us in the office every day and we were like a family (i.e. we bickered like kids but cross one of us & the rest of the gang would track you down and murder you!!!!). Now I just sit there, do what I can and talk to myself. Thank god for my media hard drive to pass the time. Trust me, I would much rather be busy and not notice the time pass, but needs must eh!
Christmas Day was rather fun this year - the Hubs was working at 7.30 this morning (yes, this is not a typo... muggins here was up at 6.30 to make sure he didn't oversleep) so it was a two part visit instead of staying at home. I spent Christmas Eve cooking like Gordon Ramsay... 6 hours solid and it was all done and packed, ready to be transported to the MIL's. We had lunch with her and Hubs' brother... it was actually great fun and as usual I cooked way too much food, so she'll have enough leftover to keep her going for weeks! Then we headed over to my parents for the annual quiz - which I won... yay! My nieces and nephew were running riot and demanding chocolate at 10pm - the demands fell on deaf ears and they were subsequently sent to bed.
Santa was very nice to me this year and brought me my Dior Escale de Pondicherry perfume - which I knew about - AND a Nintento Wii (which Santa wanted for himself). Then this morning, I bought myself a brand new shiny Sony Vaio laptop. I knew there was a reason I had been saving in the Credit Union! So now I can aimlessly surf d'internet downstairs but for some daft reason, I've no coverage in the sitting room... all suggestions to sort this would be most welcome.
Right, I can hear Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on the TV, so time to sign off and wish you all a very Happy Christmas

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