Friday, February 26, 2010

Ooh, I Love A Bit of Cake

Tonight is ladies night in at the Hot Dog Lover's house and I'm having a sleepover! Being the nice polite guest that I am, there's a large box of wine chilling in my freezer and I made cake.

Not just any old cake, mini chocolate loaf cakes inspired by Leila Lindholm and The Good Food Mood blog. I wasn't in the humour to make loads of meringue topping, so swapped it out for a lemon cream cheese frosting instead.

Here's a pictorial record of my ever so slightly messy experience...

The cake mix all ready to be put into the loaf tins

The little tiny baby loaf tins, all greased & lined on a baking sheet waiting for the good stuff

Fresh out of the oven and cooling off

All iced and ready to be eaten...

Now, time to run... have just realised that I should have left the house half an hour ago... eek!

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