Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Manflu : A Woman's Perspective

When The Hubs is stricken by the Manflu, the world comes to a halt. There's loud rummaging for special tablets (which we have invariably run out of), then there's quiet sighing and finally the "I don't feel well" comment. So, it's stay in bed/go back to bed for the poor likkle invalid.

This time, my special ray of sunshine aka my beloved husband decided that "sharing was caring" and gave me his dose of lurgy. The complete and utter bastard. I haven't had a cold since last September when I ended up being diagnosed with late-onset asthma and a right stinker of a chest infection which ruined my birthday plans. I know I'm sick if I'm too sick to drink. And here we are again.

As some of you know, I sing in an AWARD-WINNING ladies choir (yeah, boast!) and we were in rehearsals for a competition on Mother's Day. We were being dragged in for practice every chance our choir boss got, and we were wrecked, therefore susceptible to all germs possible. So, under the guise of a lovely snog, The Hubs infected me with his manflu. It kicked off after our final rehearsal when I was uncommonly tired. Next came the achy bones and then my favourite, the sore throat. Yeah, 24 hours before a competition, I was croaky as a frog. Brilliant.

By the time we lined up to sing, I was high as a kite on Honey & Lemon Lockets and paracetamol. I even winked at one of the judges... and he smiled back. Jesus. Anyway, it must have been a good omen because we won. For the second year in a row. There were many celebrations & toasts with drinks of an alcoholic nature. Except for me. I was in tatters & went home for more drugs. And to make the dinner for the poor sickly Hubs.

That night, the nose started to run, and run, and run. I don't think it stopped. Which meant that I didn't sleep. No sleep makes me very grumpy. Then I had get dressed and make up for the missed Mother's Day visit. The Mammy was very happy with her Cath Kidson Nintendo DS cover... beats a bunch of daffs. Still no sleep that night.

And this blasted dose is getting worse, no better. I've ulcers all over the back of my throat and (joy of joys) I've gone off food. I made a massive pot of courgette & tomato soup this morning and that will have to keep me going. On a positive note, I definitely should have lost weight this week... I'll find out at the WW meeting tomorrow.

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