Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Homemade Food Presents

A few weeks ago, I got myself a new Kenwood Chef and I love it to bits... honestly, sometimes more than I love The Hubs!  It's made my life so much easier when I'm baking - the dough hook made short work of my Spiced Snowflake Cookies, the balloon whisk whipped up a giant batch of Chewy Chocolate Meringues and the K-beater created lots of Luscious Lemon Cake.  So, I decided to bake and make my Christmas gifts this year, which was an inspired decision, given the rotten snowy weather we've had for most of December...

My Food Gift Bag was made up of

Mini loaves of Pear Gingerbread
Shards of Ginger Nougatine
Mini Chocolate Meringues
Spiced Snowflake Cookies

These were wrapped in coloured tissue paper, put into clear presentation bags and then labelled so everybody knew what was inside.

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