Monday, June 27, 2011

The Fairy Hobmother Strikes Again!

It's been a week of celebrations in Maison Babaduck - as you have all guessed by now, The Hubs- aka @MrBabaduck - hit the great old age of 40 on Saturday which culminated in a birthday party and the creation of my Birthday Extravaganza Cake - some of which made it home unscathed...

This was my present (basket not included...)

The second celebration was a visit from the one and only Fairy Hobmother from Appliances Online (a lovely man called David) who found me on one of my favourite blogs, Dinner du Jour and granted me a wish.  I was actually pretty restrained in the scale of things and wished for a copy of The Silver Spoon and Julia Child's recipe books from Amazon - both of which I have had on my wishlist for years and had always meant to buy until something else got in the way.  To say I was delighted to have my wish granted is an understatement - I let out such a squeal of delight, somebody thought I had hurt myself!!!

This is MY favourite cake...

Now it's time to share the love and invite you to share in the joy that the Fairy Hobmother can bring.  All I want you to do is tell me about your favourite birthday cake and what you would like to receive as a present - it could be you who gets a surprise gift!

The competition closes at 18.00 GMT on Sunday 10th July.


  1. Your cake looks fab, was going to attempt that on a biscuit cake for a friend's wedding but we've decided to go more traditional. My favourite birthday cake is a really gooey chocolate cake or moist carrot cake. So hard to decide on a present though drooling over gwyneth paltrow's cookbook and new one by elizabeth david at the moment!

  2. That cake looks not only stunning but absolutely delicious too.

    My favourite birthday cake would either be a chocolate fudge cake with lots of chocolate pieces on the top. Alternatively I do quite like a nice coffee & walnut cake.

    So what would I like to receive as a present:
    1. A new double oven as ours has broken and we are relying on our BBQ to bridge the gap. If that is a little too cheeky, either
    2. A Nigella Lawson cookbook I have never gotten around to buying one.
    3. New salt & pepper mills - the electric ones I bought are broken (bad purchase!)

    Thank you, @welshmumwales

  3. favourite birthday cake is boring old carrot cake. I love it.

    And, if I were paid a visit by the Fairy Hobmother I would buy more cloth napkins and a pretty nice tablecloth.

    Your cake looks lovely btw.

  4. I wish I could try your cake!

    My favourite birthday cake would be any chocolate cake!

    And if I could pick a present I would go for one of those Laduree cookbooks, they look so yummy and posh ;)

  5. As a child I would exchange kisses for strawberries - all very innocent I can assure you, so I'd quite happily munch away on your cake too - lucky duck hubs!
    My favourite birthday cake would be Halsey Tart, wich is a fancy version of a Twix!
    My other half keeps promising to make them for me but sadly have missed the last 2 birthdays at home as I'm been travelling with work :(
    For a present from the Fairy Hobmother, I'd pick Michel Roux's Finest Desserts and a Bobble Water bottle

  6. My favorite birthday cake is honey cake as made by my sister in law. And I make a very nice chocolate and coffee cake too.
    For present I would love Kitchen Hero cookbook and some healthy recipes cookbook too as trying to lose weight...

  7. The cake looks awesome! Will have to try my hand at it some time.
    My favourite birthday cake was a big slap of brownie that was baked for my a couple of years ago... so tasty!
    If i was luck enough to receive would be a nice SALTER digital scales... mainly for coffee brewing purposes and a bit of baking too! ;)

  8. My mam always made victoria sponge for our birthday cakes as kids. Simple, I know, but we loved it. Made one for my daughter's 17th, & her friends thought it was lovely. As regards a pressie, well a new oven to replace old wonky one would be wishful thinking! Set of new saucepans would do!

  9. Today is my birthday!! not 40 yet but getting there. my mum always made a charlotte aux framboises for my bithday. I have to say I do miss it, especially since i moved to ireland!! My wish would be to have more cookbooks.(don't tell my husband) but as it is my birthday i allowed to be totally unreasonable, no??!! so a magimix food processort would be lovely!!!

  10. A good dense moist chocolate cake is my favourite birthday cake! I think this year I would love a chocolate orange cake, with some Baileys buttercream icing!

    Hmmm, there is a lot I would love to get as a present!! As I've hinted to the boyfriend, if he wanted to get me an ultimate present then a KitchenAid mixer would be nice. His eyes almost fell out of his head when he heard the price! I shockingly don't own any good knives at all. And cook books, I always want to add something new to my ever expanding collection!

  11. My favourite birthday cake was one that my mum made for me when I was quite small. It was a chocolate cake in the shape of a train. I still remember it, though she doesn't.

    I would love, love, love to get some sort of stand mixer or food processor as a gift, because now that we're finally moving into a house I'll have the room for one.

    However, I would also be very happy to receive the Michel Roux books on Sauces, Eggs and Pastry as I think they would make a marvellous addition to my rapidly growing cook book collection!

  12. I would have a Rum Baba, so time consuming that it is a special occasion only cake, but I am an insufferable show-off and it is so boozy and nice :)

    I would really love to have the GREAT FOOD series from Penguin Books - I LOVE the covers. Alternatively, I really want a copy of Silver Spoon as well, have been promising myself for ages.

  13. I love all sorts of cakes But if I were to choose I'd prob go with a chocolate orange fudge cake served with a dollop of cream. For a pressie I'd love anything for the kitchen. My hand blender has seen better days so I'd pick a new one.

  14. My favourite birthday cake growing up was always Black Forest Gateaux from the excellent German bakers Spoglers in Killarney. It's been too long since I've had some - should really try to make one myself.

    There is a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall shaped hole in my cookbook collection which I would love to remedy with some of his River Cottage collection. And the Silver Spoon has also been on my wishlist for ages.

  15. My mouth is watering just looking at that cake - amazing Aoife!

    My favourite birthday cake was a chocloate log cake in the shape of a dog my mother made for me for my 4th birthday - loved it so much that she made one of for my 5th & 6th birthdays too!

    So many things on my wishlist but I'd love a Kenwood mini chopper.

  16. My favourite ever birthday cakes were the ice cream ones my Mum used to order specially from a bakery for me - everyone loved them! Unfortunately the bakery closed down and my siblings had to do with blocks of icecream with smarties on top!
    My wish list is always growing but I would love a Kath Kidston tablecloth and Nigella's new book.