Saturday, August 20, 2011

Competition CLOSED : Win Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Very very excited.

This morning, I hit 1,000 lovely, funny, charming & entertaining followers on Twitter. I am very excited and think that not just one, but two of you deserve a little prize to celebrate.

Yum.  In My Tum.

The generous folks at Ben & Jerrys have given me two vouchers for tubs of their gorgeous ice cream to give away.  It's all because of a special competition they ran earlier in the year on Facebook.  Ben & Jerry’s fans voted in their 1000’s to bring one dreamy US flavour to Irish shores and they finally have a winner : THE VERMONSTER  It's a delicious concoction of maple syrup ice cream with caramel swirls and pecan chunks. To make The Vermonster that little bit sweeter, Ben & Jerry’s will be bringing it to Ireland as 100% Fairtrade, meaning all ingredients in the ice cream from cow to cone will be Fairtrade.  The Vermonster will be available here in 2012, so you'll just have to use your winning voucher to sample one of the many other Ben & Jerry's flavours.

So, how can you get your hands on a tub of Ben & Jerry's?  It's rather simple.

Follow me on Twitter & leave a comment below telling me which one of my recipes you think would be perfect with a big scoop of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. The two winners will be picked at random*

Lulu was telephoned this afternoon (1st September) and she decided that the magic numbers were 9 and 2.  That means that Jay Fox and Carie Murray are the very lucky winners of free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.  Enjoy!!!

Rules :
Only open to Republic of Ireland readers only (I know it's mean but them's the rules)
Competition closes on Wednesday 31st August at 18.00
Vouchers will be posted directly to the winners by the PR company.  Allow 28 days for delivery.
* Random winner picking works like this.  Every comment is assigned a number in order.  I then ask Lulu to pick 2 numbers between the first & last.  They're the winners.  
Lulu's decision is final. No point in arguing with a 6 year old, she's always right...


  1. World peace cookies and this baby or caramel chew chew (my favouritist ice cream in a tub :))

    Congrats on followers :D

  2. Got to be matched to the choc brownies! :)

  3. Okay maybe a bit zany but I do love strange combos - your chocolate pear gingerbread. Must make soon.

  4. Definitely chocolate sablé biscuits and cookie dough ice creaam! In fact, I think I'll have that next Saturday when watching the match!

    Great competition, Aoife!

  5. Ben & Jerry's chocolate macadamia + Double chocolate pecan cookies would be perfect!

  6. I would go with Chocolate Apricot Spice Cake and vanilla ice cream. Mhhh...

  7. chocolate & creme fraiche cake. Chocolate ice creamm with chunks of chocolate cake and a creme fraiche swirl... nyom nyom nyom :)

  8. serve a big scoop of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream with your Chocolate Slump Cake. Lovely

  9. Chocolate and banana muffins warmed and eaten with Ben and Jerrys ice-cream mmmmm

  10. Chocolate pear gingerbread....nom nom nom