Friday, September 2, 2011

It's Time To Face... The Chef Factor

Louis, Tulisa, Kelly & Gary may be passing judgement on the freaks and the foolish on a Saturday night but the real competition is about to start and it's not on the TV my friends, because...


Last year, clever blokes Cully & Sully launched the most amazing competition for anybody who is interested in food - the chance to win a place on the coveted 12-week Ballymaloe Cookery School course worth a whopping €12,000.  It includes residential accommodation and two weeks work experience with Cully and Sully.  So, why should you enter the competition?  Well, if you want to learn to cook and develop a career in food, this is the competition to beat all competitions.  You don't need to be a good cook, because the course at Ballymaloe will teach you how to cook just like the professionals... not like me!

Here's Sully, Christine (the 2010 WINNER), Rachel & Cully

So, how do you enter?  It's actually really easy.  Click on Chef Factor & upload a simple photo of a dish with the words “Cully & Sully” somewhere in the image and submit this along with a brief explanation of the dish and the reason why you deserve to win!  Chef Factor is not all about online votes, because while three finalists will be determined by public vote, two wildcards will be handpicked by Cully and Sully to go through irrespective of votes and all finalists will be on an equal footing at the final - this means that everybody stands a great chance of winning the top prize!  Entrants are accepted from September 5th, 2011 and the winner is expected to be chosen in Ballymaloe on Saturday the 26th of November.

p.s Christine (last year's winner) was a Wild Card entrant... so it COULD be you.

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