Monday, October 3, 2011

San Francisco Food : Day 1

After a cruelly early start (2am... I don't do 2am), and a madcap race through Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris to make our connecting flight, we eventually made it to San Francisco.  I have nothing but praise for Air France - great service and really decent food.  Mind you, we did spend a little bit more & travelled in Premium Economy - the food is the same but the seats are much bigger.

This is the view from our garden...

After unpacking in our apartment, we wandered down for a quick meal and decided to go for a disco nap.  Wrong move - we woke 6 hours later completely disoriented but managed to watch the Ireland -v- Russia rugby match.

We were awake bright and early on Sunday morning and decided to explore.  We walked down to the Ferry Building & grabbed a quick breakfast at Peets Coffee and Tea.  One girly coffee for me, an OJ for The Hubs and two croissants were just the sugar rush we needed to start us off for the day.

We wandered down to Pier 39 for lunch at Chowders where for the princely sum of $25, I had fried shrimp and The Hubs had Fish & Chips.  As usual, he ate a shrimp tail before I could let out a squeak of warning (I have no idea why he does this...) and both of our lunches were delicious - the freshest fish with really good dipping sauces, a sweet tartare and a spicy cocktail.  This was the perfect fast food.


That evening, we decided to visit a bar just around the corner called 15 Romolo.  If you didn't  know about it or look closely, you would walk straight past it.  It's on a side alley and looks like a dive from the outside, but walk into the large dark room and you find an unusual drinks list and really really good bar food.  I ordered the special - Chicken with Waffles, Maple Syrup and Shallot Butter and The Hubs ordered the Burger with Applewood Smoked Bacon.  We shared an order of Kennebec fries with a Madras Curry Ketchup & Fancy Ranch sauces.  The food was stunning - incredible value - but the fries were salty beyond belief.  This could be a sneaky trick to get you to order more booze (a Trumer Pilsner and a Tom Collins in case you're interested).  At just over $40 for this meal & a drink each, it was worth every cent.

So, Day 1 - so far so good.  Day 2 will bring fruit, deli sandwiches and dinner at Chez Panisse...

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  1. As we've only been to Florida, this post has made me want to visit the U.S.again, and explore all the foodie places properly. So many choices, fillings, options... where to begin? And value, second to none!