Friday, February 1, 2013

Fabulous Fridays at Bridge Bar and Bistro

Usually, work Christmas parties are tedious affairs.  You get all dressed up to spend more time with the people you look at all day, you eat some very mediocre food, drown the taste of it with as much booze as you can and generally begrudge the waste of an evening.  Yes, that's usually what happens.  Not for our work Christmas party last year - it was probably the best party I've been to in my working career.

Why?  Well, it was held at The Bridge Bar and Bistro, just off Grand Canal Street.  You may never have heard of it before, but I can assure you that Martina Fox and her team know how to cook and serve great food, be charming, happy and polite and ensure their guests have a great time.  We also had an entertainer at the party who we christened the Duracell Bunny because he just kept going, without stopping for a break, for almost three hours.  His name is Graham Monaghan and he knows how to keep a crowd happy and singing along.
Starting tonight, (and on the first Friday of every month) you can experience a relaxed Friday evening with great food and complimentary live music by Graham, whose repertoire includes classic tunes from the The Rat Pack and Van Morrison to Neil Diamond and Guns n’ Roses, skilfully woven through the evening to match the mood.

Booking is recommended, with entertainment starting at 8pm. Go on, treat yourself and have a great time!

The Bridge Bar & Bistro, The Malting Tower, Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 2. T: 01 639 4941 

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