Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vote Babaduck (as featured in the Irish Times)

Well, I'm well and truly on the campaign trail for votes in the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging 2013 Awards.  You see, I've been shortlisted in the Food category and to get me to the final, I need votes, and lots of them. This is where you, my treasured readers come in.  I know time is precious and we all have a million things to do, but would you mind taking just 30 seconds to cast a vote for me in Section 4?  And can I be even cheekier and get you to ask your friends, family and even your workmates?  The more votes I get, the better my chance is of being a finalist.

I was thrilled beyond belief when I opened the Irish Times Weekend Magazine yesterday and saw a gorgeous article by Marie Claire Digby in Food File about me. And being shortlisted.  And the day job. And a picture of one of of my cakey love creations!

So, I know you want to know how you cast a vote for me.  It's actually really easy. Just click on this link and you'll come to the page above.  Fill in your name, your email and tick the box beside my name in Section 4.  Then scroll down to the bottom and click the "done" button.

Sandie has joined the election campaign and has created this special poster all by herself.  She's a very intelligent dog you know.  Well, she can smell food being cooked or the rattle of a lead at 500 yards...


  1. Well done! On a completely unrelated subject, do u have a decent recipe for a tart au citrone?

  2. Thanks a million Jakob. I've used this before and it doesn't fail (Mary Berry, y'know...)

  3. Best of luck to you, just cast a vote for you.