Sunday, January 31, 2016

Crispy Cheesy Baked Omelette

Do you know what the best thing is about potatoes?  Leftovers.  Whether it's mash to make colcannon or potato cakes, roast for dousing in gravy or my favourite, steamed for practically everything else.  I always cook more than I need because next day's lunch or dinner is just as delicious.  Take my Crispy Cheesy Baked Omelette.  With leftover potatoes, it's ready in 20 minutes.  Starting from scratch, add an extra 15 minutes - I promise you that it's worth it.  Baked omelettes are great for using up anything that's sitting in the fridge but my firm favourite is ham, spring onion and parmesan.  I'm lucky to have an enormous chunk of Italian heaven in my fridge, so any excuse to grab a grater and add it to anything I can.

This omelette for one hungry person cooks in 8 minutes and is really easy to increase for a crowd, just double, triple or quadruple the ingredients, and use a larger frying pan.  Don't forget to cover the handle with foil if it's plastic...  melted frying pan is never a good thing

Crispy Cheesy Baked Omelette

1 tbsp Oil
1 large Potato, peeled & cut into 1cm cubes
3 Eggs
3 Spring Onions, finely sliced
40g Ham, shredded
25g Parmesan, grated
Black Pepper & a pinch of salt
1 tsp each Parsley & Chives, chopped

Heat your oven to 200c/Gas Mark 6.

Heat the oil in a small frying pan and cook the potato cubes on all sides until browned and the inside is soft (the pan will feel lighter and the air will smell of the most delicious chips).  Season lightly with salt and remove from the heat.

Now beat the eggs in a large bowl, adding the spring onions, ham, parmesan, seasoning and herbs, mixing well together.

Pour this mixture over the potatoes, levelling it out with a spatula so everything is evenly distributed (feel free to scatter more parmesan over the top...)  Bake in the oven for 8 minutes until the egg has set.  Slice into wedges and serve, with a salad for some healthy balance.

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