Monday, October 27, 2008

Thank God I'm (NOT) A Country Girl

Myself & the Hubs were away for the Bank Holiday weekend down in Lovely Limerick. We headed off on Saturday morning bright and early in the pisshings of wind and rain down the N7 - that was a hideous drive, only punctuated by intermittent yawns from the exhausted passenger... it must be very tiring being driven around while the driver (me) just glides through storms without a care!!! Anyway, we eventually made it down, checked into the hotel and went up to our room.

Actually, it wasn't a room at all - it was a junior suite with an enclosed balcony overlooking the Shannon, bathrobes, two basins in the very plush bathroom and an equally plushly priced minibar. As usual, myself and Hubs opted for the pov option - a quick trip to Tesco in Arthurs Quay for beers and a bottle opener and then sat out on our balcony laughing at everybody else getting soaked to the skin!

My MBF was down in Limerick for the weekend too, so we decided to meet up with him that night for a few drinks. By the time we met him after dinner, we were nicely oiled and walked down to Nancy Blakes where a good time was had by all. Let's just say that we had seats at the bar and a very attentive barman who sadistically bought us shots - Baby Guinness to be precise. Hubs doesn't do shots so myself & MBF ended up drinking them... and by God we were maggoty the next morning. Myself and Hubs were as delicate as fine china until lunchtime - even the monstrous room service brekkie didn't fix us and Hubs wouldn't let me go to Mackers for a cure, the swine!

We ended up in Mammy & Daddy MBF's for dinner that night (I drove and Hubs was on the dry too...) and when I say they live in the country, oh my god, they live in the country. Not a streetlight for miles, the Satnav laughed at me when I tried to programme in the address (no house numbers y'see). And as for the directions they gave us... turn up by Mary's pub and take the first boreen and we're down there a bit. "Mary's pub" doesn't have a sign, the "boreen" was as wide as my driveway and "down there a bit" was almost the next county away. Anyway, we made it there eventually and had a lovely Sunday dinner handed to us (always the best kind) and eventually moseyed back to the hotel to have a drink in the bar & read the papers in civilisation with traffic, street lights and people!

I was in a cocktail mood and the first one - a Strawberry Mule - was lovely, so I decided to have a different one which according to the menu, had Morgans Spiced Rum, Pineapple Juice & Lime. Apparently that was only a "suggestion" as to the ingredients - this yoke had rum, Malibu (I feckin' hate Malibu) and Blue Curacao in it. It was rancid altogether and the bar lady didn't take too kindly to being asked for a drink that was exactly what it said on the tin... second time around was a success tho'! Merrily sober, we retired to the comfort of our suite (god, saying that sounds so posh!!!) and had sweet dreams.
Fun is now over and back to the heaven that is called work tomorrow... I won't be able to sleep with the excitement and anticipation...


  1. yum strawberry mules and a junior suite.. .sounds like a great weekend to me!

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