Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Me Me Me Me MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

This is all Glitterkitty and Little Miss's fault... I love them dearly for it though!!!

I am a person who hates getting things wrong; I can't bear txtspk (grant me strength); Fair City makes me want to heave; I hate my friends who never respond to texts or calls, but expect me to be there for them permanently; I hate the way Hubs makes noise when he eats; I love going to the airport; I would live in France at the drop of a hat; I once chased a burglar out of my parents house with a poker... and gave him a few belts of it; I was known as the "Ice Maiden" by an ex; I love my nail polish; I make incredible chicken risotto and have never ever eaten better; I don't like strawberry yoghurt; I saved somebody's life with the Heimlich Manoeuvre once; I've had one night stands; I start planning Christmas in September; I am addicted to the internet; I have very gorgeous underwear; I'd love to do a bungee jump; I'm far too lazy for my own good; I've never lived on my own; I shared a room with my sister until I was 25; one of my ex's was a famous DJ; I was rather drunk walking up the aisle to get married; I can't have kids; I love reading and am perfectly happy in my own company with something to read; I watch far too much downloaded TV; I hate ironing but do it because I can't bear messy looking clothes; I hate surprises because then I lose control of the situation; I think about things way too much; I haven't seen my best friend in 4 months, although we talk on the phone every day; the smell of tea makes me heave; I cannot stand boy racers; I have an insatiable urge to comb the hair of all those orange mophead Ugg-wearing drones in Dundrum; I'm constantly illegally parking as it's quicker than queuing for a car space and finding change; Even the word "dentist" makes me feel sick; I once dressed up as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz and was on the cover of the Star; I have a little sister who died when she was born and I miss her, even though I never knew her; I have far too much makeup than is humanly possible to wear in a lifetime; I love gardening but hate getting dirt under my nails; I read 4 newspapers on Sunday and have withdrawal symptoms if I'm away

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  1. Such a nice read. Good woman - u have a lot to be proud of! :)