Friday, April 9, 2010

A Nadventure Day

No, it's not a typo - it's what myself & my niece Lulu had the other day. She's on her Easter holidays and I had called up to see her as she was up in Norn Iron with the other side of the family for Easter and I missed her (godmother privileges...). We were having a natter about stuff in general and she was very taken by my nail polish so I promised for her birthday that I would let her have free rein of my box of nail polish and I would do her fingers and her smelly toes. She was thrilled.

Then I asked if she wanted to come out with me to see her Nuncle in work and then go to the Post Office. This was a gamble as she's very attached to her Mum, especially after being away from her for almost a week. She declined my offer initially, preferring to eat cheese on toast and watch some Disney crap on the telly. Then as I was waving goodbye, I heard a howl of "wait - I want to go tooooooo". So the fluffly haired maggot was sent upstairs to wash her face & get dressed. Down she came, semi-clean face visible, and a pair of bright purple wellies on her feet. No point in even asking, because god knows what answer you'd get. So we waved goodbye to Mum and went off on our Nadventure Day.

First stop was Nuncle's place of work - we rang him en-route as I had a feeling he was on lunch. Lulu roared at him to hurry up as we were coming. When we arrived, she demanded to go up to him in the canteen & was rightly peed off when this request was denied! So, she dragged me around all the tellys on display and then all the DVD's - possibly in the hope that I'd buy her one, but I'm not that soft. We concluded our business with the Hubs and set off down the town to attend to our other business.

I got given out to for parking too far away from the Post Office, the lazy article. So off we set with the promise of a visit to "the shop" when we were finished. I never told her which shop, so as we passed every store on the street, I told her it was that one. She gave me the dirtiest of looks when I started these antics... she gets that from her mother! Eventually she chose the newsagents where I was informed that Peppa Pig was stupid and smelly as she browsed through the mahoosive selection of kids magazines. I was astounded when she picked a packet of Hot & Spicy Monster Munch as her surprise - she's a cheap date, my niece! I was also very impressed by her not dropping or smearing them all over the back of my car so we had a race to see who could eat the crisps fastest on the way home, and I let her win...

Here's to many more Nadventure Days!

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