Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Food Programme

One of my guilty pleasures is The Archers.  Most of my family (and The Hubs) think I'm demented... why would an Irish person want to listen to an old-fashioned BBC radio soap opera?  Well I love it, and I cook Sunday evening dinner while listening to the omnibus episode on my laptop which is perched precariously on the draining rack...

BBC Radio 4 also has one of the best shows ever, The Food Programme.  I love this programme, presented by Sheila Dillon, as it covers so many topics from farmers markets to the slow food movement in Italy.

This week's episode is all about Food Photography - a topic that was covered at the Bord Bia Irish Food Bloggers Day last month by the lovely Erica Ryan and Jocasta Clarke in great detail.  Their talk and demonstration has changed how I take photos of my own dishes, although my aging digital camera doesn't do me many favours...

The BBC iPlayer only lets you listen to the show for 7 days which is very sad, so get your skates on and log onto the website right now!

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