Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Few Of My New Favourite Things

Some of you will know that we're just back from our annual pilgrimage to my favourite place... France.  The holiday was absolutely gorgeous & I'm now a fan of staying in a mobile home rather than an apartment - you can park the car right outside & bring your stuff in & out with ease.  It certainly makes a change from last year when we had to use a trolley to scale a steep incline... and hold on for dear life as we were going back down that evil hill with all our bags & baggage precariously balanced!

While we were in the Vendee, I demanded a visit to Casa, in fact, I managed 2 visits (success!).  I absolutely love this shop, which sells the most fantastically reasonably priced homewares, and am always amazed by the value for money.  This year, I bought new cookwear including some beautiful little lidded cocottes, dinky mini Kilner jars and baking dishes, as well as new savarin & bundt tins which had Little Miss LikeMamUsedToBake practically green with envy.

This isn't even HALF of my booty... 

I also fell in love with a new Senseo Quadrante coffee machine.  I had the original one at home & always stock up on coffee pods when we're in France as the range is a million times better than here, and they're also half the price.  I saw it in HyperU and practically licked the box, to the intense bemusement of The Hubs.  It was €99 and decided to sleep on it/check out if it was available at home.  Well it wasn't, but I found it even cheaper on, so out came the much-abused credit card and it arrived at the campsite within 48 hours...  The only drawback is that all the attachments I had bought for the old machine don't fit, so I had to buy a new Espresso holder.  Little Sis is the very happy recipient of the old machine - we like to recycle responsibly in our house!

I am in love with this, and my pretty new mug 

So we got home from France and eventually found places to store all our purchases in the SuperShed.  And then it was my birthday...  I didn't actually want anything because I had bought loads of lovely things on holiday.  I nearly fell over with shock and delight when I unwrapped the pressie from The Hubs and discovered a new digital camera... not just any camera, the actual one I had been lusting over for aaaaages.  Top marks to that man!  Little Sis also now has my old digital camera, although Lulu informed both of us that it now belongs to her, so there. 

And then I got my pressie from my parents (well, they did ask me what I wanted...) and days of reading pleasure lie ahead.
Lucky old me!


  1. Wow - fabulous booty. Raging I didn't go to Casa. Bet you are going to have some fun with all your new stuff. Lucky you getting a new camera and Nigella's book - definitely have my eye on that. Enjoy x

  2. covet, covet, covet, covet, covet. Yes I want all of your French haul!