Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hate Mozzies? In France? I Haz Solution!

Apparently I have the X Factor.  Not of the Simon (man cleavage, ultra-high trousers, scarily sparkly teeth and fro-hair) Cowell variety... although I can hold a tune according to The Hubs who told me I serenaded the nearby residents of the campside tonight in the shower... I do hope they like Dream A Little Dream of Me.

Nah, nothing so posh, I am loved unilaterally by bitey nasty irritating insects, specifically mosquitos and their like.  It's an affliction that my Dad and my VBF Freak both suffer from and sometimes we do turn it into a "who got the most supperating bite" competition.  Yes, we're very classy like that.  Please, try to restrain your jealousy...

Mozzies are meant to strike at dusk & beyond, but one cheeky sod decided to have a munch on my right arm and left elbow before the sun had set.  Little fecker.  I first realised this when we were sitting down for a nice dinner at La Croisette & thought it was but a little hive.  I am stupid.  Over the next day, the hives expanded to volcanic proportions that only the application of cans of cold drink or ice would alleviate the manic itch and desire to bite through my arms.  I slathered it in Hydrocortisone 1% cream, took Zirtek & covered them with plasters to stop me scratching in my sleep (yes, I am a catch...)

I react particularly badly to bites, the worst of which ended up with blood poisoning, green streaks up my arm & an emergency phone prescription for antibiotics from my very lovely GP.  Since then I've been paranoid about the little bizzy demons, spraying, plugging in and covering up where possible.  Given how my bites were driving me bonkers, I called into the Pharmacie & asked if they could give me something to help.  Big waste of space... apparently I was doing "all I can, but I am just unlucky". 


So, as we were shopping for more BBQ food, insanely cheap Vin Blanc & Biere, I found a magic potion in SuperU.  It's called Marie Rose Apres Moustiques & for the princely sum of €6.83, it has made me happier than most things *apart from winning EuroMillions*.  It's a little can which foams into a mousse when you spray it, and then fizzes as you rub it in.  It stops the itch, calms the redness and basically makes life bearable.  I LOVE IT LOADS.

In fact, I may stockpile it just in case...

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  1. Ooh I love SuperU (and not just because their wine is insanely cheap and they sell fantastic and enormous cherry tarts)