Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm Crackers About CrackBird

A few months ago, Joe Macken of Jo'Burger fame decided to open a pop-up restaurant in Temple Bar.  Armed with €15,000 from a credit card, he leased a premises, fitted it out on a (chicken) wing & a prayer and decided to sell chicken, nothing but chicken.  And in a stroke of marketing genius, he offered free meals in the restaurant to some very lucky Twitter followers - known as TweetSeats.

People, I was one of the chosen ones.  And this is my story...

The menu concept is simple :  chicken in multiple variations, salady sides, dips & drinks.  No chips, no wedges, no burgers, nothing else apart from some dessert.  It's a great idea - do something well & Keep It Simple.

Gorgeous retro fabric napkins

We started with Semolina Chicken Crunches - really tender chicken goujons in a crunchy semolina jacket - and the Cranberry Carrot Salad to share.  God I hate sharing, especially when the food is this gorgeous...

Then we had the Super Crisp Soy Garlic Chicken which came in the cutest little bucket.  If you like garlic, you'll love this - it was salty, crispy and is definitely the most addictive chicken I've ever had in my life.  We also had the Burnt Lemon & Whipped Feta dip which was demolished before I got a chance to snap a photo.   I wanted to go back the next day for more (but The Hubs wouldn't let me...) .  The beer is cold and very reasonable, and I hear that the wine is rather nice too.

Crackbird closes its doors in precisely ONE MONTH from today - 22nd May.  It's located at 19 Crane Lane, Dublin 2 (the lane to the left hand side of the Olympia Theatre) & if you haven't been, I urge you to pay it a visit - I don't think you'l be disappointed.  You can follow CrackBird on Twitter too & if you're really lucky, you might snag some of the last remaining TweetSeats.


  1. Well done you. Looks great. :-)

  2. Must pay crackBird a visit before it closes.

  3. Sounds delish and love the new site - wishing you a happy new home :) congrats x