Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Short Stay at The Tannery Townhouse

After our lunch at O'Brien Chop House, it was time to get into the car and drive from Lismore to Dungarvan, home of The Tannery which was our base for the evening.  Owned by Paul & Maire Flynn, The Tannery is a renowned restaurant but there's more to it than just this - it also comprises a cookery school and beautiful accommodation called Tannery Townhouse.

I want to live here...

It's just around the corner from the Tannery Restaurant on a very quiet street and is split over two buildings, the Townhouse proper and the Cookery School where we were shown to Room 10 by the very lovely Valerie who opened the door to reveal one of the nicest rooms I've ever stayed in.  Our room was light, airy and very tranquil thanks to the soft grey painted walls, sleek accessories and an incredibly comfortable bed.  I used to work in a Georgian house where my office was almost identical in height and space so it was wonderful to see how the room worked as a bedroom.

Gorgeous spacious bathroom

The bathroom was equally impressive - it was enormous with a full sized sash window and painted in the same colour as our bedroom.  The towels were large and fluffy and the shower was ultra-powerful - what more could you want?

Now that's what I call breakfast

The Townhouse doesn't offer a full cooked breakfast, a fact which they make very clear on their website (although some people obviously can't read based on some of the petty comments on TripAdvisor).  This suited us perfectly as we were heading to The Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore for lunch.  To be honest, I'm a bit fussy about cooked breakfasts in hotels as they tend to be buffet style with dubious sausages, white tinged soggy rashers and plastic scrambled eggs with the exception of a few hotels who really take pride in what they serve their guests.

No worries at the Townhouse because we had a bag of beautiful raspberry muffins left on a hook outside our door, fruit, local apple juice, yoghurt & granola for our leisurely breakfast in our room.  As we loaded the bags into the car, Valerie came over to make sure we enjoyed our stay and that everything was ok.  OK?  It was one of the nicest nights away we have ever had.  We'll be back (sooner, rather than later!)


  1. Your account of your short stay at the Tannery Townhouse will entice every reader to book a night or two there. Be sure to call in to us at Tastefully Yours in Dunhill on your way down for your next visit.

  2. I'm so with you on the breakfast - the muffins and yoghurts, etc looked delicious! I'd rather have that than a massive fry any day. And what a beautiful room. Another one on the list to visit :)

  3. Becky - it was my perfect room. My favourite colours, a divinely comfy bed, loads of pillows and WiFi. How could you not love it?

  4. Looks like it was lovely. We have eaten there a few times but I think we might need to have a sleepover next time. And I agree on the breakfast. Much prefer the fruit and yoghurt to the fry.

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