Monday, November 28, 2011

Review : Hotel Chocolat Ultimate Advent Calendar

A few weeks ago, a very welcome parcel arrived on my doorstep  - a box of deliciousness from luxury chocolatier Hotel Chocolat to taste and review.  They have a myriad of Christmas treats to suit every palate and pocket so I chose something very suited to myself and The Hubs - the Truffles for Two Advent Calendar.  Seeing as we've no kids and there's just the two of us, this grown up box has two truffles behind each door, so there's absolutely no fighting and the flavours are adult enough to deter nieces and nephews.  What a result!

On first inspection, the box is large and sleek - it contains 320g of truffles in a purple and silver treasure trove which opens out to reveal the advent calendar within.  As there's 24 days in Advent, there are 24 pairs of truffles for two in six different varieties :  Gingerbread Truffle, Salted Soft Caramel, Mulled Wine Truffle, Cinnamon Praline, Milk Praline and Simple Dark Truffle.

Each variety is identified by a coloured dot or stripe across the top, and as we have the attention span of goldfish, we constantly were turning the box over to remind ourselves which one we were about to devour.  The flavours were incredibly accurate with a great hint of spice and really good chocolate, unlike most of the advent calendars kids insist on.

Sadly, there's no branch of Hotel Chocolat here, but you will find one in Belfast just around the corner from Victoria Square, and I can assure you from personal experience that the staff there are very friendly, generous with samples and the range is fantastic (The Hubs' Easter Egg came from there this year).

The Ultimate Advent Calendar costs £25 and is available from all Hotel Chocolat stores or from their online shop.


  1. I bet the chocolate is fab! Have visited the Hotel Chocolat shop in Nottingham, in fact I wanted to move in :) We got Rocky Road chocolate slabs that I still dream about sometimes..........

  2. It's phenomenal - and we still have some left! I'm actually planning to make some festive rocky road bars with dried cranberries at the weekend so keep an eye on the blog next weekend...

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