Saturday, March 17, 2012

Breakfast at Salt, Monkstown

It's very rare that myself and The Hubs are both off on a Sunday and in the enviable position of being able to go out for breakfast.  If we're off, we're at home and our local town isn't a hotbed of exciting Sunday brunch opportunities, so the aftermath of a friend's birthday party meant that I could insist on going somewhere lovely for a late breakfast and Salt was just a quick spin in the car away. Salt is part of the new Avoca development in Monkstown, which also houses the esteemed James Whelan butchers (which I've written about extensively, being a tremendous fan of their meat), Gavin & Sara's Poulet Bonne Femme, home to the best rotisserie chicken bar none, and the alluring Avoca food hall, providers of monster spring onions for this bread.

We obviously got to Salt in the middle of a lull because we were seated immediately at a table for two right beside the kitchen access door, so I could have a sneaky peek at the comings and goings.  As we were absolutely starving, we both ordered the Avoca breakfast with bacon, sausage, scrambled egg, roast tomato and brown toast at €10.95 each.

Tea or coffee aren't included (a tad sneaky given the price of the breakfast) and this bumps up the final bill - our tea and cappuccino arrived a good 20 minutes before our food, so The Hubs had long finished his tea and needed to order more to accompany the food.

The breakfast was gorgeous - smoked rashers, perfectly soft scrambled eggs, good quality sausages and delicious bread filled us to the brim.  It came with a little pot of relish instead of ketchup and some lovely Glenilen butter which was sadly as hard as a brick and couldn't be spread on the toast.  I would have like to know where the rashers and sausages came from because the quality was superb, and I wanted to stock up on some for home.  Salt don't refer to suppliers on the menu, so I've no idea, which is a bit of a shame.

The final bill came to €29.95 excluding service and arrived on a very pretty Avoca button dish (they've a whole range of crockery in this pattern and it's on my list of "things I really want but don't actually need".  It wasn't the cheapest breakfast we've ever had, but it was a lovely treat.

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