Thursday, June 28, 2012

Babaduck on the Radio

I have a lovely friend called Fiona (who I've mentioned before) who has a fantastic home business in Carlow called Hunters Lodge Living where she teaches townies the art of sustainability and GIY.  She has happy hens, delightful ducks and now even buzzy bees and also has found the time to do a Certificate in PR & Media Communications.  Frankly, she juggles so many things, she should be the ringmaster in a circus!.  As part of her certificate, Fiona had to write and produce her own radio documentary on The Arts which brought her to one of her loves, and something she's pretty good at herself, food blogging.

Fiona contacted me and asked if I'd be willing to be interviewed for her documentary, along with well known local TV chef and author Edward Hayden.  I was thrilled and petrified in equal measures but agreed on the spot!  We all met in Caffe Formenti in Carlow and after shouting at Richie to stop clattering around in the background, the interviewing began.  Fiona is a natural interviewer with an easy rapport so it felt more like a chat instead of a formal interrogation.  All too soon, time was up and we were almost hoarse with talking and Fiona had her content.  Oh, did I mention we all swapped gifts in true food lover style - Fiona brought some of her fabulous rhubarb which I used to make a cheesecake, Edward gave us signed copies of his book Food To Love and I handed over some of  my Brownies.

Fast forward to yesterday and Fiona's documentary was aired on the Sue Nunn Show on KCLR.  I'm not going to spoil the surprise so you can listen to it HERE.  I can't figure out how to embed the player but I'm sure you bright sparks will figure it out!


  1. There's no embedding on the player at the minute ;)

    Fair play on the segment, to both yourself and Fiona. Have hosted some of the student clips on my own show, delighted to hear the food one going out. Now, do some more!

  2. Ah Ken - I thought you might be the man with the plan... and you know where to find me now!

  3. Thank you Aoife, not only for the kind words, but for being such fun to work with. Be sure to stay tuned to my slot on The Sue Nunn Show - I have lots MORE thoughts you know.... xx