Friday, December 14, 2012

Review : Daylesford Gentleman's Hamper from Harrods

The Hubs' granny, god rest her, was a lady with very high standards.  She insisted on the finest of everything from her furbelows to her fripperies and everything was bought to last.  She also loved the good things in life and I know she would have been most impressed by the Christmas hamper which Harrods sent me to review. It arrived in a huge cardboard box with the famous Harrods logo and weighed an absolute tonne as I tottered to my car hoping that some kind gentlemen would stop and help me.  They didn't and I now have biceps of steel.

The Hubs was very happy to hear that this was a hamper designed for a gentleman.  I pointed out that a gentleman would have lifted said hamper out of my car boot and carried it into the house for me so he was therefore disqualified from enjoying it.  After a few minutes of pleading, I relented and opened the box to reveal a rustic Daylesford wooden crate containing shortbread, caramelised nuts, chocolate-dipped orange slices, savoury biscuits, chutney and a pair of lambskin gloves which The Hubs immediately laid claim to. There were also party essentials: a bottle each of French red and white wine, medium dry cider and a very pretty gold heart tree decoration which immediately graced my tree.

I'm really looking forward to sitting down on Christmas Eve with some of Pat Whelan's spiced beef and Cooleeney cheese accompanied by the Rosemary & Sea Salt biscuits and Chutney while my ham is simmering in the cider ready for a feast on Christmas Day.  Nanna Williams would definitely have approved!

The Daylesford Gentleman's Hamper from Harrods' range of luxury gift hampers was supplied to me for review purposes and costs £150

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