Friday, May 17, 2013

Winner : Relish BBQ by Rozanne Stevens

Yes, I know it's been a while since I've brought you a competition but I want to make sure it's something I know you'll love.  Rozanne Stevens is a South African chef who has been putting up with our atrocious weather for over 10 years (why???).  She is a regular guest on the Pat Kenny show on RTE Radio 1, teaches cookery classes galore and in her spare time writes cookery books.  Her latest one is fantastic : called Relish BBQ, it's all about outdoor cooking without the sausages and frozen burgers.  I tell you this because I've actually eaten some of the dishes in the book, including Cheesy Chili BBQ Sweetcorn and Lee Ann's Broccoli and Bacon Salad.

The full colour 280 page cookbook has an easy to follow format, as each themed chapter contains recipes for simple yet show-stopping main dishes, with complementary cocktails, coolers, salads, sides and desserts – each with an ethnic twist. Across the separate chapters, with titles such as Mexicanish, Thaiish, South Africanish, Chineseish and Indianish, Rozanne has created summer style recipes around meat, chicken, seafood and vegetables, showing how to add excitement and authenticity without having to re-stock your pantry.

And because she's a nice lady, she's given me a copy of Relish BBQ to give away to one of you lucky lot.  Listen, forget the wind and rain, you can adapt these recipes to be cooked indoors, so you can have al fresco food in the cosy warmth of your kitchen.  So, if you want to win Relish BBQ, just leave me

** Lucy picked Lucky Number Seven and the winner is Sinead **

Only open to Republic of Ireland & UK readers only (I know it's mean but them's the rules)
Competition closes on Monday 25th May at 18.00
I will post the prize within 28 days (once I get your address, of course).  If you don't response within 14 days, then I'll redraw a winner.

* Random winner picking works like this. Every comment is assigned a number in order. I then ask Lulu to pick a number between the first & last. They're the winner. 
Lulu's decision is final. No point in arguing with an 8 year old, she's always right...


  1. Mexicanish! Hopefully the weather will improve enough so that we can full use of this fab book!

  2. Indianish, was at one of Roz's demos a while ago, she's great!

  3. Mexicanish - seems like a great book. Would love to win it :)

  4. The title of a chapter, and my favourite chapter due to the content and tastes covered, is Mexicanish! Arriba and suchlike!

  5. Replies
    1. Sinead, Lucy picked Lucky Number Seven and that's YOU!

  6. Mexicanish (best chapter title ever!)

  7. Would love some more ideas on what to to with the Barbie, This book is a God Send :)

  8. I endorse this product or service.

    Here's my song entry.

    I'm a Barbie bloke, I like a Barbie yoke...
    I'm a hostage... to my sausage...
    I grill everywhere... even in Kildare...
    And I love Glasson... it turns my gas on.

    That's all I have at the moment.

  9. Indianish. One of the nicest kinds of ish :)

  10. Reserved for @MaudMonaghan who can't enter! Thaiish