Thursday, May 30, 2013

Things I Loved In May

Wow, it's the end of the month again (that means payday and holidays for me, thank heavens) so that can only mean that I'll be telling you about what I loved in May... and April because I got a bit distracted in work with travelling and catching the Lurgy of All Lurgies.  Anyway, sit back, pour a large drink because it's nearly the weekend and read on.

Slated's The Circa Collection

If you love me, you'll buy me one of these.  I'm not fussy about the colour, truly. The Circa Collection is a truly unique opportunity to own a rare piece of Irish history and heritage. Reclaimed by the Hammond family, these Vintage Slates which once adorned historical buildings and houses around the Ireland as roof slates have been meticulously selected and refurbished to create, iconic, artisan tableware.

The Limited Edition Circa Collection is available in three prestigious Slates; The Blue Bangor, The Westmoreland Green and the Westmoreland Grey. Each limited edition piece is hand engraved with it's inception date, keeping the unique history alive. Dating from 1843 onwards, these incredibly durable, naturally beautiful Slates are of unparalleled quality and individuality. As with all Slated pieces, the Circa Collection is hand cut, using traditional artisan techniques. Each piece is utterly unique, dependable and enduring, lasting for many generations. The Limited Edition Circa Collection is organically sealed to provide approved food safe protective layering, furthering the tactile quality of each piece.  A memorable gift.

Newer, angrier and swearier than any other food website, Forked isn't for the faint hearted.  That's why I love it so.  Founded by a trio of curmudgeons including one Manuel The Waiter, Forked covers food, drink and lots of other stuff you didn't even realise you wanted to read about. covers all aspects of the hospitality industry, from bar/restaurant reviews and interviews with the industry’s leading characters in front of house and in the kitchen to news on the latest global cocktail/spirit/beer/wine developments and the musings of an anonymous (but high-profile) chef who’ll be writing about life behind the pass.
Read it, it's good.

Spanish wine brand Campo Viejo, the flagship of Rioja wines, has announced the return of the sell-out Tapas Trail for 2013.  Book now to enjoy the culinary culture of Spanish tapas and discover the true passion, generosity and vibrancy of Spain on the Campo Viejo Tapas Train which runs from 9th June to 17th July in Dublin after a sell out month in Cork City.  It's the best €20 you'll spend on a great experience.  More information on tickets and availability on their Facebook page.

I am a big fan of The Butler's Pantry. Not only do they have their own range of fabulous foods including great French breads, soups and salads, but they stock a fantastic range of Irish artisan produce.  Now they've opened their 10th store in Castleknock.  If you live in the area or are just passing by, drop in.  I think you'll like it...

So there you have it.  I'm off to sit by the pool in France for a week or two.  Normal service may resume sooner than planned if I find something interesting on  holidays.

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