Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review : Ouzos, Dalkey, Co. Dublin

It's part and parcel of modern life that your friends and family members emigrate in search of a better or different life.  Luckily, not too many of our gang have left these shores but one wanderer returned from his new life in Australia for a visit home recently.  Being mature and mainly married, the lads decided that a sit down dinner instead of a night boozing was the appropriate manner to welcome Dave The Rave back home and a large table was booked at Ouzos in Dalkey.  Ouzos is part of a very small group of two small but perfectly formed restaurants, with the other being in Blackrock, Co. Dublin.  Owner Padraic Hanley is very proud of using the best local meat and fish to give customers great food at accessible prices. The Dalkey restaurant is a two storey long l-shaped room with windows to the front both upstairs and downstairs. The night we dined there was very warm so we were delighted to be sitting upstairs facing the three open windows and enjoying the breeze.

Image courtesy of Ouzos

Image courtesy of Ouzos

Ouzos offer a range of dining options from early bird to the Crab & Lobster feast to their full a la carte menu.  The Early Bird menu is €21.95 and offers a choice of 4 starters and 6 mains, three of which attract a supplement.  The Great Crab and Lobster Feast is €24.95 per person with 6 starters and 7 mains, three with a supplement.  Alternatively you can pick and choose between the two menus and pay €24.95.

Oh what to choose?  While I pondered the menu, somebody else chose the wine which was house white and a little too warm for the humid evening, despite an ice bucket.  Next time, I'll get there earlier and be in charge of the drinks...

My starter was an enamel pot of mussels, full to the brim with opened bivalves which were plump, juicy and grit free (one of my horrors).  Unfortunately, the men at the table had wolfed down the various delicious breads so I had none to mop up the juices with.  Drat.

My main course was also from the Great Crab and Lobster Feast menu.  Devilled Whiting with Lobster and Crab served with spicy sauteed potatoes and some fine beans.  The fish was moist, as was the crab and lobster topping and the quite spicy potatoes brought some balance to the plate.

Feeling rather full, myself and The Hubs shared a Vanilla Creme Brulee with a shortbread biscuit.  It looked very pretty but the custard was unfortunately a little warm and runny beneath the crisp brulee topping.

Our bill came to €46 per person including service, assorted drinks and coffee. Pretty good value for a Saturday night.  Oh, and Dave The Rave had a marvellous time...

Ouzos, 22 Castle Street, Dalkey, Co. Dublin
Tel : +353 1 2851890


  1. I went to the restaurant with my family on weekends. It was great with good food.
    It is ideal for restaurants my birthday :)

  2. Great blog! I will definitely visit it again!

  3. Great shared experiences and great pricing! You share local experiences, but you seem to ba a foodie too. Where do you buy your gourmet foods when you want to cook something recreating vacation experiences? I like to get my hands on foods that are not commonly distributed and have a flair of rare gourmet foods. I only recently found myself a new online retailer selling gourmet food hampers from European artisan food producers (The Sauce -, but lots of other suppliers only deliver what is also commonly sold.
    Do you have some other great onlie suppliers?