Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Childerbeasts Bake A Birthday Cake for ME

Good things happen in threes.  It's my birthday today (yes, I do look at least a decade younger than my real age, you're SO kind) and I thought it would be rather a low-key affair, being as it's not a major one ending in a zero.  This just goes to prove that even I am wrong sometimes, as the past few days have been very much a cakey love filled celebration.

There's nothing quite like teamwork...

I was sitting at my desk in the Day Job on Friday morning, frantically busy as The Dawnburger and Cora Love were both off at very glamorous weddings while I held the fort.  The buzzer went and I discovered a quartet of fabulous cakes in a box from the very kind people at Cakes Online including coffee and walnut, death by chocolate and black forest.  I promised to bring it home to share with The Hubs, which I did and my goodness, it's all delicious.

After lunch, a spectacular Tiramisu, complete with four candles (yes, my mental age) was presented by my colleagues and instantly devoured.  The cake came from Mardi Confectionery and was, as always, wonderful.  I wandered back to my desk with my slice and when I returned to the kitchen with my empty plate, the rest had vanished.  It did go to eleven good homes, I believe...

Cake The Third was handed over at Casa Little Sis.  I had called to collect Sandie for the weekend (best present ever) and discovered that the three Childerbeasts had spent their after school hours baking me a Brownie Birthday Cake.  From the photos, I think it was as much about licking the bowl and the beaters as baking their most favourite (and possibly eldest) Auntie a cake, but I think they had a lot of fun in the process.

I'm now high as a kite on sugar, having been thoroughly spoiled rotten by a group of people who went to a lot of effort for little old me. I really do appreciate your kindness and hard work so much.

Love you lots
Aoife x

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