Saturday, January 4, 2014

ItalianFoodie's Big Boobstravaganza

A what of a what?  Let me explain this to you.  ItalianFoodie is the alter ego of my friend Lorraine Fanneran.  Joint owner of the delectable La Cucina in Castletroy, Limerick with the equally delectable Bruno Coppola, they have a fantastic restaurant, a brilliant pasta sauce range called Real Italian Foodies and are parents to the most photogenic girlies I know, Miss Alessia (#MiniIF) and Miss Sofia (#BabyIF).  Sickening, wha'?

It's not always as perfect as it seems at first glance though.  Last October, Lorraine was diagnosed with early breast cancer.  She was treated and things are looking really really positive.  To raise awareness and badly needed funds for research, Lorraine is organising a giant Charity Raffle with all proceeds going to the frankly wonderful NBCRI.  Basically, the key objective of the NBCRI is to conduct relevant, ethical research into the biology of breast cancer to determine the cause of this disease and improve the treatment for patients. The NBCRI also works to raise awareness of breast cancer and fundraise to provide improved breast cancer services for women throughout Ireland.  If you've read my blog in the past, you probably know that we've had first hand experience of how devastating breast cancer can be and I am completely and utterly passionate about trying to find a cure to spare other families from going through similar heartache.  Having had a mammogram (or as myself and Little Sis have nicknamed it, the giant Boob Panini Machine experience) very recently, it's pee-your-pants scary, but worthwhile, no matter what the end result (mine came back clear!).  Lorraine has also started a blog about her experience - have a read.

Lorraine's fundraising page is here and if you have a spare few bob (even a fiver), please consider buying a ticket for the raffle.  I happen to know that the neverending list of prizes are pretty special and it's cheaper than buying a takeaway or a pint. And it's way better for you.  Go on.  Think of the boobs.  You know you want to...

The draw takes place on Saturday 25th January and Lorraine has raised over €9,000 already!  Can you help her make it a cool €10k?

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