Friday, April 11, 2014

Review : Lunch at Pizza e Porchetta

Many years ago, I worked on Grand Canal Quay in a temp job - parking was at a premium and it was a regular occurrence to play chicken with the traffic wardens, sometimes winning, sometimes losing.  There was also nowhere to eat in the area - our sole source of food was a guy who delivered sandwiches at 11am, miss him and you'd go hungry for the afternoon.  Thankfully, the area has a lot more going for it now with the arrival of Ronan Ryan's Pizza e Porchetta at The Malting Tower.

Previously Bridge Bar and Bistro, this cave beneath the railway bridge has always made for a snug and cosy restaurant but a revamped interior means that the restaurant is now light and spacious.  An authentic wood fired oven to the front in place of the old bar entices diners with freshly made pizzas.  The staff at PeP are lively, friendly and very on the ball with water and breads arriving at the table together with menus.  The lunch menu is short enough to discourage dithering, but long enough to offer a choice to suit light or long lunches.

To tell you the truth, I knew what I was having before I even parked the car, and I prayed that my dining companion, the Bon Viveur wanted something else.  The Porchetta Pizza (€14) was mine.  Porchetta is new to us, but a staple in Italy where you'll always see it at a celebration.  A pig is boned, roasted whole and then thinly sliced.  My pizza was very simple, as good pizzas should be, with a smear of tomato, mozzarella, chili & herb oil for some heat and finally, paper thin slices of porchetta.  I can't actually remember what the BV ate because I was so focused on this porcine feast.  And my glass of Fruilano (€6.25)...

After an interval for another round of chat, we shared a Cappuccino Mousse dessert which was light and delicate, accompanied by a very good macchiato.

Pizza e Porchetta may be in a prime location, but the prices are very reasonable, with a soup & sandwich deal for €10, pizza from €12 and pasta from €13.  Great staff, great food, great prices.  One to visit.

Pizza e Porchetta
The Malting Tower, Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 2
Tel : +353 1 6624199


  1. Only recently discovered this little Grand Canal gem and was so impressed we have been back twice since. Great review Aoife for a great ating spot.

  2. My first job was in Sir John Rogerson's Quay - our only option, other than the canteen, was the IDA tower. I wish there had been somewhere like Pizzae Porchetta back then - looking forward to trying it

    1. You'll love it - and there's the added bonus of Pat Lalor in the kitchen