Wednesday, December 24, 2014

On Christmas Eve

It's almost time for Santa and presents and good food.  Today I've spent most of the day cooking, washing up and cleaning while The Hubs was working. Sometimes I'd love to swap roles with him and let him plan what we're going to eat for our big Christmas dinner tomorrow.  But then I sit down for a minute with a cup of coffee and glance over at our tree, filled with memories, and realise that there's nowhere else I'd rather be on Christmas Eve.

Our tree isn't a carefully colour co-ordinated Norwegian Spruce curated by artisan hipster crochet artists.  It's a super skinny fake tree with a mile of LED flashing lights and decorations that don't match.  Apart from the scandi-chic painted stars and flannel angels, but trust me, that was purely by accident rather than by design.  This Tree That Taste Forgot has a long and varied history.  Pour yourself a glass and allow me to ramble on about the eclectic mess that is our decorating style.

Top right is the Angel.  Vintage, if you like, as it was given to me when I was three months old and has appeared on top of my parents' tree every year since.  My Mum handed it down to me when we bought our house and this is my angel's 14th appearance on our tree since.  Due to her fragility, she's been retired to a more sedate spot near the top of the tree and her understudy the Fluffy Fairy from Avoca has taken her place.  She spends the rest of the year swaddled in bubble wrap in the attic and nobody else is allowed to hang her on the tree but me.  I'm rather territorial about this, as The Hubs has discovered to his cost.

To her left, is the Yoke.  I actually don't know what it is. but it's The Hubs' version of my pretty angel.  It's basically a goblin made out of pipecleaners on a swing. But he loves it. So I relocated it to the side, where he can see it from his perch on the sofa.

The rest are all souvenirs.  We got a little bit obsessed with Christmas shops in the US when we were there on our honeymoon and bought bags and bags of decorations.  Most of them are just pretty but some are very special momentoes including our Santa who loves NY and our Martha's Vineyard Santa, there's also one from Boston to include the three places where we had a wonderful time.

We also have a beautiful handpainted grey egg from Budapest, where thanks to a competition win, we spent a weekend in a very posh suite in Le Meridien and got hopeless confused by the exchange rate and introduced an English stag party to the joys of Palinka, much to the mirth of the barman.  There's quite a few from our Seven Year Itch holiday to San Francisco including Alcatraz (how random!) and some cable cars.  Finally, another handpainted egg, this time from Dubrovnik on our Very Posh Cruise in October.  They mightn't be the most stylish, but every single decoration on our tree is very special and holds so much meaning for us. Every time we place them on the branches, we remember the lovely memories which they bring back to us.

Do you have decorations like ours?  I'd really love to know...

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