Thursday, January 8, 2015

Still Saving for a Rainy Day

Last January, I wrote about a really easy savings plan that I'd heard a lot about in the internet and in the papers.  The idea was  to start saving with just a euro, and add a euro every week.  I'm fairly disciplined about saving but The Hubs isn't, so I figured out it would be a great routine for him to get into, and sure I'd do the same.  So we started the plan on Saturday 2nd January 2014 and we stuck to it.  Religiously.  I know, I'm a little bit surprised at that too considering that the theme tune to my life is "She wasn't good (but she had good intentions)". 

We found it a doddle for the first 9 months as the sums grew from €1 to €35 without much thought, but it was tough going, especially in November and December when we were saving over €200 per month each.  But because we knew it was coming, we saved all our change in a tin, ok, it was a posh champagne tin from 2001 when suppliers used to send in nice gifts.  Ah, the memories!  Anyway, our tin had almost €130 inside and it weighed a ton.  I'll confess to being very lazy and bringing it to the coin sorting machine in our local supermarket, rather than counting it out, bagging it up and lugging it to the bank.  I know I paid a handling fee but the convenience swung it for me.  Each to their own.  It was still enough to cover our last week of saving with enough left over for a bottle of wine.  And our bank account is looking very healthy indeed now that I've lodged the 2014 savings.

Now it's January once more and we're going to restart the savings plan for 2015.  If you want to jump onboard, just print off the sheet above and take great pleasure in ticking off each week when you drop your coins into the pot.

Happy Saving!

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  1. Hi Aoife, I used your savings plan throughout 2014, and while I didn't make it right to the end of the year, it was a life saver for Christmas. I am now into January debt-free and I'll be printing off your 2015 version. It really proves the saying "Mind the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves". So thanks a million for a great idea and a very Happy New Year to you!