Saturday, January 24, 2015

Win £50 voucher from Brainbox Candy

Are you broke and full of January gloom?  Do you need something bright, cheerful and irreverent to bring a smile to your miserable face?  Fantastic, I've something to bring a chink of light into somebody's day, and it could be you.  The sarky sods at Brainbox Candy have given me a £50 voucher for one of you to have a little shopping spree in their online store and you can be as politically correct or filthily rude as you like in your selection.

As I'm a lady, I opted for the PG-rated products on their site, but they're all very funny indeed and had us all in stitches when I opened the box in the dayjob.  First out of the box were a pair of teatowels.  I'm a sucker for something pretty or witty and these two had me in stitches,  You missed a bit is usually what I shout across the kitchen to The Hubs - I do the cooking and he tidies up afterwards.  The other one needs no explanation whatsoever.

Then there was a new apron to add to my collection.  As Queen Judge of the annual work bakeoff, it was deemed very appropriate indeed.

Last out of the box were two items that work perfectly together, my new mug and my notebook.  I can't start the day properly without a giant mug of coffee (no, not tea, hate the stuff) and as I have a head like a sieve, a family trait, the notebook will be perfect for listing my many things I need to do, including recipe ideas, people I need to torment and stuff I've promised to do.

Now it's your turn.  To win the voucher from Brainbox Candy, just leave a comment telling me what you'd buy with your £50 voucher.  Anonymous comments will be disqualified because I'm not a mindreader.

Rules :
Only open to Republic of Ireland & UK readers only (I know it's mean but them's the rules)
Competition closes on Saturday 31st January at 18.00
Brainbox Candy will issue the prize within 28 days (once I get your details, of course)

* Random winner picking works like this. Every comment is assigned a number in order. I then ask Lulu to pick a number between the first & last. They're the winners. 
Lulu's decision is finalNo point in arguing with a 9 year old, she's always right...


  1. A new apron, a magnet, a notebook,a magnetic notebook too, one can never have enough notebooks!!

  2. All the items look great, would love a splurge on brainbox candy!

  3. Swear tin might come in handy. Also fridge magnet, apron, tote bag and a je m'appelle awesome notebook.

  4. I love the teal and gold bird cushion on the website, it's beautiful. though I love the second poster above, I need it for when I clean the kitchen!

  5. I'd purchase a new set of mugs with rude and sweary slogans on them!!

  6. I'd have to spend hours trying to decide what to buy!

  7. I'd go for some magnetic notebooks and some tins.

  8. I'd need lots of things for my newly refitted kitchen, but some new mugs would be a good start.

  9. The dope owl cushion & cards for everyones birthday for the next year so I look like the best auntie/daughter/friend/wife/sister ever, at least for a little bit.

  10. I love the tea towels! I'd also pick up one of the travel card wallets for my leap card. Along with a couple of notebooks, very handy for work / blog stuff! Great competition!

  11. Valentines card - Woo Woo Valentine's Day
    Old School Kindle Magnetic Bookmark
    Getting Off My Tits Tin
    Je M'Appelle Awesome phone case

  12. Tea towels and notebook for me, tote bags for my beautiful nieces and a few swear tins for work, fabulous site x

  13. Lots and lots of those mugs I love them :-)

  14. Swear tin for him(could make a mint) and cushions for me!

  15. We have a winner!!! Lucy has decided that 9 is her lucky number (because she's 9, you see... her logic is impeccable.

    Congratulations KAZ, you're my very lucky winner. Brainbox Candy will be in touch very soon indeed!!!