Monday, February 23, 2015

My Favourite Fizz

There are few sweeter sounds in my life than the pop of a cork heralding a celebration, be it an anniversary, a birthday or just because it’s Friday night. Those of you who read Babaduck or follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram know that I’m very fond of a glass of fizz. And for me, it doesn’t have to be a swanky vintage Champagne, some of which have turned out to be bitter disappointments (like the pink one that was a gift, cost a fortune and ended up being poured down the sink on New Year’s Eve).  Many countries make sparkling wine and one of my favourites is Spain, the land of unlimited Cava.

A few years ago, we were at the wedding of two friends in the Basque country where the cava flowed freely and we danced all night, fuelled by fresh seafood and Spanish fizz. Back at home where the skies were greyer, I wanted to recreate a taste of that magical night and I bought a bottle of Cava from our local Tesco. When I read the label, I realised that it was made by Codorníu who are THE producers of cava in Spain. With heaps of awards under their belt, they create cava which is made with three grapes : Parellada, Xarello & Macabeo. These are all traditional Spanish grapes and the resulting blend is light, really refreshing and most importantly, is full of bubbles - a prerequisite for the perfect glass of fizz.

At home, I love a glass of cava with some smoked spiced almonds as an aperitif, or with a salad like my Baby Beetroot and Hot Smoked Salmon where the brightness of the cava cuts through the richness of the fish. Actually, who am I kidding. I’d happily have a glass on every occasion possible. And you don’t need a corkscrew!

Written for Tesco

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