Saturday, February 7, 2015

Technology : Making Life Easier in My Home

The lovely people at L&G asked me to take part in a campaign to talk about how technology makes life easier in my home and it really got me thinking.  We all take technology for granted now and sometimes we forget what a difference it makes to us all.  Take this weekend, for instance. We had not just one, but two guests, with Sandie the fluffy dog and Lucy the fluffy child both staying with us. 

Like most 9 year old girls, Lulu is obsessed with technology and knows her way around a mobile phone and a tablet, trying to persuade me download Roblox to ensure she never misses an opportunity to play.  Being a sneaky auntie, I hid my iPad away this weekend.  Her other favourite thing is Netflix, where she can watch iCarly to her heart's content.  Or until I sneakily log her out from the kitchen.  Yes, I am evil Auntie and we painted our nails instead!

While she was being entertained in the living room, I nipped into the kitchen to make dinner and a cake for dessert so I used my two favourite gadgets : my Kenwood Chef and my Kenwood food processor.  I don't have the largest of kitchens so I love these two because they can be hidden in a cupboard or a bookcase, freeing up my very limited counter space.  My Chef is amazing for all my baking, and the food processor creates amazing soups and chops unlimited veggies, saving my poor wonky back from stress and strain.

Once dinner was ready, we used another great piece of technology, our Sky+ box, to watch one of our favourite shows, The Voice. Lulu decided that drinking her Shloer out of a champagne flute was possibly the poshest thing ever, and this was what she was going to do forever.  She also kept us in stitches with her impersonations of the hapless contestants and guessing which judge the lucky ones would choose.  She was invariably wrong...

It's only when I take a closer look at our life at home that I realise how much technology has made our life easier.  So much so, that I'd hate to have to live without it all.  What gadgets make your "can't cope without" list?

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  1. Has to be my soup blender sticky thing. Didn't think the little mini food processor included with would be much use when I bought but I get loads of value of it too!