Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Twookieparty - An Introduction...

As I mentioned previously, Sarah and Kristin came up with the idea of a Cookie Bakeoff on Twitter  -similar to our Twizzaparty.  This was then christened the Twookieparty and ideas were exchanged thick and fast between the lot of us.

I started researching recipes immediately - starting with the most important ingredient for any cookie or biscuit... chocolate.  The more recipes I read, the more I wanted to make and I eventually had 5 different ones on my shortlist.  I showed them all to The Hubs and he wanted to try them all - how could I possibly disappoint him.

So, being an organised little soul, I did up an excel spreadsheet tracking how much butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate, flour etc. I would need in total, so I wouldn't end up running out of something vital halfway through (this happened when I made pizza & had no olive oil...).  I bought myself a swanky new set of bowls in TK Maxx to hold all the ingredients, and then it was time to start.  I'm a bit of a neat freak and thanks to my trusty laminator, made sure all my printed out recipes were clean, tidy and impervious to batter splatter and buttery thumbs!

The Famous Five cookies ended up being (clockwise from the top)

I'm going to write up each recipe separately in a blog post (complete with pictures, you lucky sods).

The initial response has been fantastic - The Hubs is now off to the gym to work off about 1/2 a kilo of them and a box was given to my lovely old neighbour Michelle and her son Reece, who pronounced the Wedding Cookies as YUM YUM!

Thanks to the lovely Maria from JFK Packaging, I received some sample food packaging boxes which I'm using to box up the cookies as gifts for friends and family (if we ate them all ourselves, we'd have to be removed from the house by forklift).  A touch of Ikea gift ribbon and they look like this...

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