Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ramsay, Ramsay Everywhere...

First off, I know I've been rather remiss in my blogging duties of late... normal service will be resumed shortly.  I wouldn't mind, but I do have a gickload of posts to write - you can look forward to Kilkenny restaurant reviews, makin' bacon and some 5* crisps as soon as I light a fire under my ass!

In the meantime, I'm in the middle of watching a brand new show from the US - it's not new to those of us who watch BBC & any of the food channels - Masterchef US.  And guess who the host with the most is?  Dat's roight... Gordon Ramsay.  Not content with Hells Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares in the US, he's now the love child of Torode & Wallace, hosting this new show on FOX.  I downloaded it this afternoon and it's actually rather good...

Surprisingly, it's not based on the UK show, but on the Australian and New Zealand formats where they have an X-Factor style audition before the real thing - complete with contestant sob stories.  Ramsay actually spits one dish back into a decorative pepper (best thing to do with a pepper, if you ask me...).  I've no doubt that TV3 or 3e will snap this up very very soon, so you can watch it at home and marvel at Gordon's new hairstyle!

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