Sunday, July 25, 2010

This Week's Likes and Loathes

I'm in a non-recipe mood today & instead thought I'd ramble on aimlessly about stuff (i.e. food) I've had this week that I loved or loathed.  It's been more love than hate thankfully, otherwise this would just be a whingefest!


M&S New Potatoes. 
These are currently BOGOF at €2.99 and they are the most delicious new spuds I've ever had - equally good as leftovers the next day and they actually taste of potato.  If left to my own devices, I'd eat them like sweeties.

The Sweetest Thing
This is a new (to me) bakery/patisserie at the side of Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre and is well worth a visit.  It's like a cross between the old Kylemore shops and a French patisserie - they make virtually everything themselves and based on the little chocolate dome cakes we sampled, they should be proud of themselves.  I'll definitely be back.

This restaurant on Bray's Main Street is a find.  The staff are lovely, the food is beautiful and prices are reasonable.  The smoked chicken salad & the lamb burger were amazing... and the chocolate mint parfait was gorgeous


Tesco Fresh Salsa
Every time I've bought this recently, it tastes fermented after a day or two - i.e. inedible - and ends up in the bin.  FAIL.

M&S Savoury Muffins
I usually won't hear a bad word against M&S - their food is fabulous and their fruit & veg lasts much longer than the local supermarket.  However I wasn't impressed with their new savoury muffins in the bakery.  I bought Spinach & Feta and Tomato & Pesto.  Yuck.  The Spinach one had teeny green flecks which tastes of nothing and it was dry and crumbly.  The Tomato & Pesto at least tasted of what it was meant to, but it was far too salty.  FAIL.


  1. Have you had the strawberries in M&S? They are the sweetest I have ever tasted. So delicious just on their own, I've gorged away a couple of punnets all by myself.

  2. I like the Tesco vine-ripened chunky salsa - wonder if that's a different one to the one you're buying? x

  3. I think that salsa is UK stock only as I've only ever seen it in Tesco NI. Our local one has Hot or Cool salsa - I prefer the cool but the flavour has been off recently, so have gone back to M&S

  4. I'm so glad to find someone who agrees that the M&S veg last longer than anywhere else. At first I thought they must be spraying it with something but I have heard not. If you have your fridge very cold they will last ages. It's great :)