Tuesday, June 4, 2013

French Strawberry Pudding

I'm sitting on the patio outside our apartment in the very sunny Vendee in France. I've managed not just one but two visits to the supermarket even though we only got here 48 hours ago and I've had so much fun wandering the aisles with a trolley marvelling at the array of fresh fruit and vegetables.  It's strawberry season at home and I've still to buy my first punnet of ruby red Wexford strawberries but it's also the start of the season here and I discovered beautiful long and pointed Claudette strawberries, grown locally.  Their perfume stopped me in my tracks and I had to buy some.

Today I wanted to have them for a post-lunch dessert.  We had skipped breakfast and were starving.  The uneaten breakfast croissants lay forlornly on the counter and a carton of my favourite Creme Anglaise was hiding in the fridge, both begging to be used.  The solution was simple - turn them into a light and delicious dessert.

I split the croissants in half, washed, hulled and halved the strawberries, scattered the fruit over the croissants and liberally bathed them in an ocean of Creme Anglaise.  Let it sit for a few minutes to allow the croissant to become spongy and pudding like, and then eat.  It's very simple but tastes like summer.

Just a note to clarify my utter lazyness - you can make creme anglaise yourself : it's a thin version of our custard but here in France, they sell it readymade in cartons and I can't resist it.  I have been known to smuggle some home in a cooler bag for sneaky desserts at home too

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