Thursday, October 31, 2013

Baking Is The New Cool

Here's a little question for you.  Do you get enjoyment from food?  Do you find that your troubles melt away when you sink your teeth into a delicious treat?  The idea that cakes and other goodies can promote the feeling of wellbeing is not unheard of, but just why does it happen and how can you get on board? If you've a busy life and feel that spending a couple of hours in the kitchen is a waste of time, please think again! Baking can be incredibly therapeutic which helps to keep you feeling fit, healthy and happy.  There's nothing like kneading a lump of dough to ease the tensions of the week. Combine the therapy of the baking process with the fact that you’ll be able to eat what you’ve created and you can understand why baking is considered ‘the new cool’.

If you don’t have time to bake during the week then why not have a go at the weekend? It’s a great way to unwind and you can even get the kids involved to help out. This is a great way to strengthen family ties and create a happy home that’s beneficial to your wellbeing.  The Childerbeasts love to bake (as you saw from my birthday cake) and they will use any excuse to don aprons and turn the oven on.

Packed full of sweetness, cakes have always been a feel-good food but you can make them even more so by opting for healthy ingredients.  Cakes don’t have to be a guilty pleasure so why not let them promote your wellbeing and your general health?  Try and cut down on fats by including a combination of wholegrain flour rather than just using white flour. You can also incorporate fruit and nuts and opt for jam spreads or fruit purees, like my lovely pear puree instead of icing to give you a sweet taste with healthier benefits.

Here are some healthy cake recipes that can make you feel good – they’re also really easy to cook & the ingredients are widely available so you can have a stress-free cooking experience that’s sure to promote your wellbeing.  Whether you choose something wholesome and filling like a carrot cake or go for a something with a little added texture, like banana bread, is up to you. The important thing is to remember that cakes and baking can make you feel good. Your wellbeing is about more than your physical health (although that's a large part of it) and your emotional condition is just as important. To promote this, you need to do things you love – whether that’s baking a cake to give to a friend or searching for pancake recipes online for a delicious weekend breakfast treat.

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