Friday, October 4, 2013

Sainsbury's Magazine and Little Old Me...

The English branch of our family (Hi Uncle John, Auntie Pat, Nic & Si) have a long and illustrious career in retailing.  Ok, so it was only a summer job for some of them but it was in a supermarket that we didn't have here in Ireland.  Staying in my Uncle and Aunt's house on holiday was always a treat for me because they had totally different food from us and I loved going around the shops seeing new things and bringing home sweets like Raspberry Ruffles for Mum.  Mind you, I tasted one of those sweets the other day and it was rank.  They've definitely tinkered with the recipe and things ain't what they used to be.

I digress.  My cousins Nic & Simon worked in Sainsbury's and I have been a fan for years.  I love a good old browse through the aisles when I get a chance, I even have a Nectar card for my shopping trips up to Belfast and I positively adore their magazine.  It's one of the few supermarket magazines that doesn't read like a giant big ad for product, and instead focuses on food.  I have quite a few of them under the coffee table in the sitting room, as I like to hoard them and refer to them for inspiration.  I'm particularly fond of the Christmas editions and these are hidden away where The Hubs can't mistake them for recycling.  Yes, he's chucked out some treasured magazines on me in the past so once bitten and all that.

So, what's the point of this waffle?  Well, one of my recipes has made it to Sainsbury's Magazine!  I saw a tweet from lovely Diane with a picture.  Of my little chocolate sable biscuits.  I let out a squeal of delight which would have been heard by dogs and couldn't stop smiling all day.  I mean, I'm in the same magazine as Queen Mary Berry, Bill Granger, Nigella Lawson and Angela Hartnett!!!
The biscuits are an absolute doddle to make and if they get enough votes here, Sainsbury's will publish the recipe in full on their blog.  As a little treat though by way of thanks in advance for your vote (yes, I'm shameful), here's a reminder of how you make them.

Look, that's MY biscuits!

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  1. Done! Love those biscuits, might have to rustle up a batch over the weekend